Day 94: Test-driving a car off the lot

Tonight was awesome. I found myself driving a brand- new 2011 Camaro 1LT Coupe. Now I don’t have any idea what all those numbers and letters mean, but frankly, I don’t care. And as long as Anthony at the car lot doesn’t know that I don’t care, it really doesn’t matter. All I know is that this car was awesome and I was driving it, therefore I was awesome.

Anyways, let me back up to the beginning. The plan was to test-drive a new car off of the car lot.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I would be well received if I just walked up and said, “Hi,’m not buying a car at all, I just want to drive one for fun. Hmm… that Mercedes looks pretty sweet. Where are the keys?” Now as great as that would be, it was going to happen. I needed to pretend that I was actually thinking of buying a car. Seeing as how I know nothing about cars, car salesmen, or the process of buying cars, I called on my Deb for assistance. She is a car salesmen pro having been one herself. However, because she was one, she knew how they worked and was not looking forward to this. She warned me that I had to be very firm about not wanting to buy one and just test-driving one I might be interested in later. Her exact quote to me before we left the house: “You know how in, like, Ethiopia when someone comes with a bag of rice and everyone attacks them? That’s how you’ll feel tonight.” HAHAHA. Yes, this is the kind of pep-talks I had been getting for the past few days, so you can completely understand why I was super nervous to go. I didn’t know how to deal with a car salesman and I certainly did not want to be eaten alive!

As it was, Anthony was really nice. (If you are looking to buy a car I’ll give you his name- he was super helpful and not at all forceful!) He asked me some questions here and there, but when I told him that I was just doing an initial browsing, didn’t want to buy, and just wanted to test-drive a potential interest, he was very quick to not be pushy. At one point, while I was driving, he asked me why I was wanting to buy a car now. Instead of having to make up some elaborate lie about income and jobs and etc. that would possibly lead to me having to create more lies, I stuck with a clean-cut story. I just graduated college. It’s a present. (I figured this would also take care of any doubt or skepticism in his mind that this poorly-dressed girl could afford a $28,000 car)

In all honesty, if I really was buying a car, it wouldn’t be a Camaro. There was too much car all around me and not enough glass. I like to see the view when I’m driving and not feel like I’m in a cockpit. It was too much of a guy car. I really wanted to drive a Mustang or a Mercedes, but I was so nervous that when Anthony approached us at the Camaros, and asked if we needed assistance, I blurted out that I wanted a Camaro that was automatic. After that, I just wanted to talk as little as possible and get into a car as fast as possible, suddenly not caring what kind it was. Although, I did make sure to tell him I wanted a fast one. I love speed and this Camaro sure was fast, but unfortunately there was always a car up ahead of us and I don’t think I ever made it over 60. Too bad we couldn’t go on the highway!

If you don’t know already that I absolutely love love LOVE to drive, well, now you do. And I will tell you that if I could choose, I would junk old Lucy in a second to get myself this car, even if it wasn’t my favorite! I felt powerful. And I must say, it would be nice to be able to go over 75 without feeling like your engine is going to blow up.

If driving the brand-new 2011 Camaro 1LT Coupe was the highlight of my day, then driving Lucy, the 1997 Toyota Corolla, home was most definitely the worst part. I will never be able to drive her the same.

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