Day 91: Watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”

HAPPY HALFWAY DAY! I am officially half way through 181 days, and I am ECSTATIC about it! My original plan for today had me going out tonight, but I was so tired all evening that I decided to treat myself to a celebratory 91st-day easy night and watch a classic. I picked It’s a Wonderful Life.

I know it might seem crazy to some of you that I haven’t previously seen this classic Christmas movie, but I’ll admit that I have always felt some aversion towards this film. I am a loyal White Christmas watcher, and any other Christmas classic just isn’t worth my time.

My mom has said that the movie is one of her favorites, but seeing as how I had to take the DVD out of the celophane it’s been wrapped in since she bought it a year ago, I’m not really sure that means anything.

It’s a Wonderful Life is a 1946 drama about a man named George Bailey, who thinks that his life is second-class until, upon considering suicide, an angel shows him what would have happened to his loved ones if he didn’t exist. The role of George Bailey was played by James Stewart, who I now know and love.

I wasn’t a huge fan of this movie. 2 minutes in, when the stars started lighting up and “talking”, I was like, “What did I just set myself up for for the next 2 hours?” The first hour didn’t seem to really be going anywhere. You know how movies set the scene in the first 10 minutes, and you can totally tell that the real part of the movie hasn’t started? Yea, try that for an hour. Although, I will say that while it was a bit of a drag, the writers did a great job in making the characters and the situations the got themselves into very realistic and relatable.

I will also praise the movie for the moral behind the story, that life is not all about where you go and how successful you are, but about what you do.

The one thing I’m confused about regarding the movie is this: The Christmas season only really comes into play for the last 10 minutes of this movie, so why why why is it pegged as a Christmas classic? Move over, It’s a Wonderful Life, and give White Christmas the extra love it deserves!

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  1. Its Wonderful Life…

    […] he movie for the moral behind the story, that life is not all about where you go […]…

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