Day 90: “Forking” the Mayor’s Lawn.

Tonight I committed the illegal act of vandalism and trespassing. And to make matters worse, I committed it against a political figure: Mayor Tim Paashaus of Coopersburg, PA (and his wife).

I gathered some friends who were all too willing to help me commit this crime. The crime being forking the Mayor’s yard. Urban Dictionary defines ‘forking’ as this:

3. forking 451 up, 388 down
sticking forks into someone’s yard – usually forms words or pictures
-yard grafitti
can be used to laugh at a friend or to piss off an enemy
“We were bored last night, so we forked my ex-boyfriend’s house.”

Seeing as how neither Mayor Tim nor the First Lady Rachel are exes of mine or my friends, none of us were bored, and we weren’t trying to “piss off an enemy”, there is only one more possible reason for the forking. To laugh at them. To laugh at them as they painstakingly pick every fork, knife, and spoon out of their grass. That’s right- we took forking to a whole new level, one that included spoons and knives! And let me tell ya, it wasn’t the most easiest of tasks getting that plasticware into the ground. I was thinking it would be soft from all the rain. Well, I thought wrong. A couple of us even had to experience the harsh sting of snapping plastic against our hand upon an unsuccessful jab-in-the-grass.

Now, we don’t think they were home when the deed was done, so who knows if  they’ll have the privilege of noticing their new and improved lawn tonight or tomorrow.

Tim… all I can say is that as Mayor, you should not be allowing these things to happen in your borough. Just sayin’.

And, yes, by posting this online, I am aware that I may be setting myself up for payback. I will not enclose the names of my partners of crime, but Tim and Rachel, if you so happen to recognize faces in the following pictures, its every man for himself.

We love you guys! Have a good knife -er- I mean, night! Don’t forkget to spoon!

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3 Comments on “Day 90: “Forking” the Mayor’s Lawn.”

  1. rachel Says:

    (Warning: The following comment is filled with political correctness from the First Lady, which would never imply payback. However, the First Lady and his Mayoral Highness are not always on duty…)
    The price we pay for small town royalty is high, as we graciously absorb acts such as these. Thank you, double s and friends, for your creativity. Thank you for giving me the privilege of squatting across my lawn. Thank you for giving me the chance to appreciate your strength in shoving the utensils into the ground. Thank you for providing the passers by with humor as they watched me with quizzical expressions. Thank you, thank you!

  2. […] love friendly pranks. When I’m the one pranking, of course. If you recall, on day 90 I forked my friend’s lawn. After that, I just couldn’t get rid of the urge to prank someone […]

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