Day 89: Longboarding…

So, I have been putting this particular activity off for a long, long time. Years, to be exact. I always wanted to be able to longboard and always thought I would love it, but I just never wanted to do the learning part. It’s because I have a terrible fear of falling. If I have to walk 5 minutes out of my way to avoid an icy path, I will do it in a heartbeat. So why would I ever subject myself to flying down the street on top of a little, wobbly board on wheels? I wouldn’t… correction: Sarah pre-blog wouldn’t. But Sarah post blog?  …I had to do it. And tonight, I did.

I called upon two of my trusty friends for this. Wes, for technical support, and Roshelle, for emotional and physical support. I was definitely dragging my feet on this one, trying to prolong the inevitable once I got to their house, but all too soon I found myself standing in the road with the wooden torture device at my feet.

Lucky me (and I say that with total sarcasm), I had the three neighbor kids as an audience. And to make matters worse, they were flying all around on their skateboards as if to say “Haha, look what you can’t do!” Great. I was about to be showed up by a 6 year-old.

Wes started me off walking with one foot on the board and I hated it. The second my foot wobbled on the surface, memories of every fall I’ve taken my life flooded me. I hated this! I hated this. Wes had mentioned earlier that the cops could stop us if they saw we were in the street, and I was secretly wishing them to come so I could say I tried without having to go through with it.

When It was time for me to actually get both feet on the board, I called Roshelle over and made her walk next to me, holding my hand to give me balance. I made it a few car lengths down the street. I probably could’ve strolled the distance faster, but hey, I was just starting. And, I didn’t fall!

It took me a few more runs, but eventually I let Roshelle stay at the start and tried it on my own. I was given strict instructions from Wes that I was to push no less than 4 times before gliding so that I would be going at a decent speed. I only pushed twice.

I slowly started to feel less like freak on wheels. Whether this was because I was actually getting the hang of it or because the neighbor kids were no longer staring at me as if I were a freak on wheels, I don’t know. But, freak or not, I was able to start turning. Really turning. Like doing a 180 degree turn in the street (OK so it might have taken me the whole space from one curb to the other, but still!).

And then all my hard work thus far paid off: tinkling music was heard in the distance. The ice cream truck was coming! Of course I treated myself to some. After all my nerves had to go through, the least I could do was give my taste buds a treat.

After my treat is was back to work, and I must say, I should be named the employee of the month! I was gliding up and down the road like it was my business! And I never fell! I always said ice cream is the answer to everything, and well, I was right.

Another thing I was right about: I love longboarding! By my last run, I was having so much fun, I was wishing it wasn’t getting dark so I could long board for forever! I just love speed!

Upon sharing these thoughts with Wes, he replied that he could take me to a hill down the road, and I freaked out. Heck, no!

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