Day 86: Chocolate. Hazelnut. Truffles.

If you think that the delicious chocolate truffle you had 5 years ago in that Parisian cafe could never possibly be made in your own kitchen… think again… because I just made some. Oh, what’s that, you’re saying? You’ve never eaten chocolate truffles in a Parisian cafe? Oh… I’m sorry to hear that. But don’t worry, you can just come to my house and eat mine. It’s the same thing. Maybe better.

My friend Jackie got me hooked to a woman’s food blog, purplefoodie, and one of the recipes that caught my eye was the one for chocolate hazelnut truffles. I’m not a dumb person (no really, I’m not), yet for some reason I just never thought that you could make something like a truffle at home. So anyways, when I saw this recipe I knew I had to make them. Here is a link to the recipe. I almost don’t want to give it you, because her pictures look ten times better than mine and in them, her truffles look ten times better than mine. But I’m hoping that sharing this recipe with all my friends means that I won’t have to make them again, because I can just have some when I come to your houses (because of course you’ll be making them all the time).

Now for some reason I have this strange feeling towards baking. It’s exactly like my feeling towards my electronics. I am just waiting for them to fail. It’s such a pessimistic view, but I’ve always had such bad luck with them that I can’t help expecting it when I get new ones. With baking, I’m always assuming that my food won’t turn out. It’s weird, though… my whole life I’ve always been a great baker (when I actually do it), but ever since starting this blog, I feel like I fail and fail and fail. Looking back I realize I haven’t, yet I still expect it.

So when the recipe told me to pour my boiling cream over the chocolate and stir it up to melt it, my first thoughts were, “Yea right… that’s not going to happen. This chocolate doesn’t melt easily. I’m going to have to microwave it.” As I started mixing it and not seeing quick results, I kept my original stand. Then all of the sudden, magic happened before my eyes, and with one turn of my spoon, the chocolate was incredibly thick and melty. Just like it should be! This was my lucky day! Nothing was going wrong.

Not quite melting...


And then it did. After letting the chocolate ganache chill in the fridge for a few hours, I got it back out to roll into balls. Not happening. What I got were lumpy, melty squares and hands covered in a thick coat of chocolate. I hate having my hands slimy like that. I feel like I can’t use them. I realized then that the chocolate was going to have to go back in the fridge for longer than I expected, but I finished the half of the batch that I started. I must say, when all was said and done (or eaten and done, seeing as how I ate as many as I rolled), they didn’t look so bad. And they tasted delicious!

Now, this recipe has you roll them in cocoa, which tastes and looks great, however, I think that it would taste even better to have a hard chocolate covering. And it would be truer to truffle character also. So tomorrow I’ll do that for the second batch and let you know how they turn out.

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