Day 84: Easter Fever: Silk-Dying Eggs

I know we are technically not in Easter season anymore, however, I am officially dubbing post-Easter Monday, “Easter ReMix Monday”. That’s right, folks, Easter Fever continues! (Don’t worry, I promise I’ll stop it after today!)

My beautiful friend, Joanna, shared this great idea with me to make silk-dyed eggs. Of course, like any other fabulous craft idea, you will find this showcased on the Martha Stewart craft page. Thank you, Martha (and thank you hyperlinks- now I don’t have to write out the process)!

So I went to the thrift store to find some cheap silk fabrics, which I thought would be an easy and fun task. It was not. Every time I spotted or felt a fabric that I was sure was silk, I looked at the tag and grew increasingly frustrated when each time it read, “Haha, I’m polyester, you idiot! Fooled ya!” Since when did machines become so good at disguising fabric? I mean, if clothing is made from a cheap fabric it should feel cheap! That way you at least know ahead of time that the dress you’re about to buy is most likely going to fall apart in 2 months without having to double check the tags! That polyester sure is devious.

After scouring the clothing racks, I ended up with one lousy silk shirt. And then it hit me- ties! Martha Stewart suggested ties! What a life-saver. While on my way to the tie rack, I passed the women’s scarves and found a stylish Celine Dion Parfums scarf that had a great print of fashion girls on it. It didn’t have a tag. Uh-oh. It felt like silk to me, but then again so had all the other counterfeits. Take it or leave it? I took it, mentally willing it to be silk so I could have fashion-girl eggs.

I found three great silk ties in fun colors and patterns, but unfortunately the purple one I really wanted was not worth the price. (Side story: While looking through the ties, I found one by… drum roll please… Oscar de la Renta- one of my favorite designers! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! An Oscar de la Renta tie for 2 bucks! I think this was the first time in my life I actually wished I was a man (or an “I love wearing men’s clothing” kinda girl). I would’ve snatched that tie up so fast and worn it all the time (even if it was old-fashioned). As it was, I still contemplated buying it for a good 2 minutes, just to have something by Oscar de la Renta in my possession (his women’s clothing will always be out of my budget). I kept my good sense and bid farewell to the tie.

When I got home, I eagerly tore and cut the fabric apart and wrapped my eggs, practically throwing them in the pot, so excited was I to see the results.

The first egg I unwrapped was totally white! NOTHING TRANSFERRED! I was so disappointed! I really liked this pattern too. I got over it in 5 seconds and as I reached for the other eggs, was really hoping that the rest of my eggs weren’t pattern shy.

I was not disappointed. The best egg I got was from the turquoise and red paisley print tie. An awful choice of tie fabric, but an excellent dye fabric. The color-block shirt and striped tie eggs came out pretty nice too, but my favorites were the fashion girl eggs. Well, one of them at least. The egg with one girl on it didn’t turn out too well because her green dress didn’t transfer to the egg. However, the egg with the two girls on it was fantastic.

It’s a shame I’m not a hoarder or I would keep these eggs forever. Instead, two of them made a nice snack for Beck and I, and the others (including the duo of girls) will be smashed to pieces for egg salad.

I can’t decide whether or not I like this egg-dying approach as much as the typical food coloring one, but if you’re looking to put your old, discarded, silk articles to use, Easter is your new favorite holiday.

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