Day 82: Easter Fever: Marshmallow Gun Egg Contest

I know exactly what you’re thinking: What the heck is a marshmallow gun and what does that have to do with Easter?

If I wasn’t a part of my family and didn’t know all the facts leading up to this activity, I would be asking the same thing. But as it turns out, by the time I found myself spitting marshmallows out of a home-made gun at a cardboard cut-out trying to rack up points for Easter eggs, it seemed anything but out-of-the-ordinary.

Every year since as long as I can remember my extended family has done an Easter egg hunt. And this is not just any Easter egg hunt. This is a “hip-check the competition and destroy my aunt’s flower beds to get to the ten dozen eggs that are out there” hunt complete with boundaries and rules and prizes. As my cousins, sisters and I have all gotten older we have continued the competition and have only gotten more intense and competitive. It’s pretty sad that we still go crazy over this tradition seeing as how we are now all over the age of 21, but I will admit it’s one of the many highlights of my year.

Every so often we’ve had a rainy day, but as soon as the rain paused, the uncles would be out hiding the eggs and the sneakers and rain boots would be put on. Apparently the uncles (including my dad) have gotten too old to trapse around in the rain-soaked earth, and so this year the aunts decided to come up with a whole new game plan. Here’s how it worked: There were three egg activites- dropping eggs into jars, throwing eggs into buckets, and blowing marshmallows out of home-made guns into holes in a cardboard cut-out. With each activity there was a chance to win an egg filled with jelly beans. Once you went through all the games, you collected all your jelly beans and tallied up how much money you had (different colored jelly beans were different prices). This “money” was then used in an auction for prize-filled eggs (dollar bills, plastic toys, Wawa and D&D giftcards). At first we were a bit hesitant, but eventually the claws came out and the competition was on.

So imagine walking into a room covered in plastic eggs and filled with “adults” (age 21-35) tossing eggs, counting jelly beans, arguing over winnings and shooting marshmallows at cardboard… all with the excitement of a 3 year-old. (Which by the way, my cousin’s daughter, who actually is 3, wasn’t even as excited about her egg hunt as all of us adults were about ours! My cousin, Mark, even started remaking his gun and tried to draw a front sight on it (or whatever those aim things are called). I tell ya, this was no child play.

The marshmallow gun was my favorite and I’m not going to lie- I was the best at it:) My uncle had home-made guns made out of PEC piping and we were given 5 mini marshmallows that we would place in the gun one at a time and then blow out like a spit ball. At first I didn’t think it would work that well, but man those sugar balls flew fast and hard.  At first I felt like an Indian warrior spitting poisonous darts at evil men. And then I just felt stupid. My victory of the day was getting the most points on the marshmallow activity.  What can I say? I have great aim and a lot of hot air:)

All in all, I must say that if we had to miss out on our egg hunt, this contest and auction wasn’t a bad alternative. We were so caught up in the flurry of activity that we forgot to take pictures throughout the contest, but here is one of me and the marshmallow gun.

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