Day 81: Easter Fever: Taking pictures with the Easter Bunny

Is it weird that I have never gone to get pictures with the Easter Bunny? I feel like it should be, but it doesn’t feel weird. My parents didn’t raise us to believe in the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause so we just never went to see them. I’m not sure what I thought about that when I was little, but now when I walk past a line of excited children waiting to see a creepy looking bunny (because they usually are), I can’t help but feel a stab of disappointment at the loss of what seems to be an american childhood tradition.

I figured that it’s never too late to be a kid and decided to get my picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Even though I was feeling up to the challenge (of looking like a freak in public), I called on my sister and nephew (who is now 1 year old!!) for mental and emotional support. A 22 year-old getting in line by herself and taking her picture with the Easter Bunny by herself looks a bit crazy, but a 22 year-old with a stroller and baby doing these things looks totally normal. I’m hoping.

Whereas Jake took one look at the Easter Bunny and went hysterical, I sat very nicely and didn’t cry once.

Did I feel stupid? A little. Did I feel uncomfortable knowing that there was a strange man in a fluffy suit with his arm around me? Yes. Am I going to make this an annual tradition? Definitely.

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