Day 80: Easter Fever: Blowing an Easter Egg

So I decided that because I love Easter and the important holiday does not get the attention it deserves, I would declare today through Sunday, Easter Fever weekend.  Now, I hope that you will not confuse Easter Fever with Beiber Fever because, let me tell you, Beiber Fever does not even come close to being comparable with Easter Fever. And I will tell you why. Can you drive to your local mall and meet Justin Beiber? No. But, can you drive to your local mall and meet the Easter Bunny? Yes.* 

To kick off Easter Fever weekend, I blew out and painted an easter egg. I don’t know if that’s the correct verbage for this activity… anyone konw if this egg activity has special name? Anyways, what you do is take a pin and poke a hole in the bottom of an egg. Then, using the pin, you make the hole a little bigger, but still keep it small. You then poke a pin hole on the opposite side of the egg. This is the blowing hole. Holding the egg carefully, you blow, soft at first, through the blow hole and all the egg yolk and whites should come out the bottom hole. You might need to make the bottom hole a bit bigger if it doesn’t come out. It doesn’t always come out easily.

So anyways, I did this to my first egg and, well… it didn’t go so well. When I was  making the bottom hole bigger, I ended up cracking the side of the hole too much. I thought it would still looked OK, but I wanted to fix it a little. “Fixing” it turned into making the hole even bigger, and before I knew it the whole bottom of my egg was open, and its stuffings started falling out before I even blew it. This was not going to work, and being a perfectionist that I am with arts and crafts, I deemed this egg “the bad egg” and got out egg #2. I also realized that I should’ve saved the egg whites and yolk instead of letting them slide down the sink drain. Oops. Well, there’s always a second chance. Egg #2 went much better, and both my holes were poked with perfection and I even remembered to blow out the egg stuffings into a container. Cha-ching! This was the money egg.

Instead of discarding the shell from the bad egg, I cracked off some more of it and turned it into a shell art piece, a depiction of Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

I didn’t take any pictures of me actually blowing the eggs because I was the only one in the house and I didn’t want to make an already fragile process more difficult by trying to do it one-handed with a camera in the other. Here are pictures of my painted eggs. Thank goodness I didn’t break them while painting them. I would’ve cried.

*(You can also meet Jesus Christ and he is the ultimate Easter Bunny who’s carrying the real Easter gift…  Easter Fever for everyone!)

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