Day 79: Dishing up a pita (at Pita Pit!)


Because I am so awesome, it just so happens that I attract awesome people to my life. One of these such people is my friend, Matt. He owns and manages the Pita Pit at the Promenade and is super cool. In fact, he is so cool, that he agreed to let me make a Pita Pit pita in the pit.

I was pretty excited for this, I’m not going lie. I love pitas!  And, I rarely allow myself the privilege of spending money on lunch out. So, I thought to myself, I can do something fun for my blog and eat a delicious Pita Pit dinner! Wrapped up in visions of hummus, greens, and pita, I skipped on over to the Pita Pit to tell Matt to expect me for dinner. Although I shouldn’t have been, I was surprised when he told me I had to exchange my flip-flops for close-toed shoes and make sure to have a hat. I was taken off my carefree cloud and thrust into the pits (pun!), the world of food management and safety regulations. I was suddenly back in the kitchen at the Lehigh Valley Muhlenberg Hospital (LVMH) and reminded of the awful rules, regulations, and repitition that made up my life as a food-service worker.

Oh well, I wasn’t about to let these wardrobe woes bring me down! I was in pita heaven and I intended to stay there! I grabbed my mocs and my Dad’s maroon Lafayette hat, that totally clashed with my outfit, and once again made my way to Pita Pit.

Matt had told me to come before 6 as the dinner rush could be brutal on a poor, naive pita blogger such as myself, and as it turned out, the Pit was dead when arrived. Here came my second surprise- Matt asked if I wanted to make my own pita or make one for a customer. My first thoughts:”A customer?! You mean you actually trust me enough to make a pita for a paying customer?? You do know that I haven’t done this before, right?”  My second thoughts: “If I make one for a customer, then I won’t get my pita for dinner!” (This was a major blonde moment- duh, I could just make a second one for myself!)

I decided to be brave and take an order. Matt, being the great manager that he is, showed me to the sink for a wash-up and gave me some plastic gloves. The LVMH nightmare was following me everywhere! While I waited for a customer to come in, my mind went wild with scenarios, all of which included something falling, either their pita or my feelings. Luckily, the next order came via phone. A fellow Promenade shop employee was ordering a chicken, bacon and caesar salad pita for delivery. This was definitely a best-case scenario!

I don’t know how those Pita Pit workers make the signature Pita Pit pita-making look so easy. I had trouble cutting the chicken on the grill, I had trouble not filling my pita too much, I had trouble flipping the bacon, I had trouble transferring the meat to my pita, I had trouble folding up the pita, and I had trouble wrapping the pita. Basically I had trouble throughout the entire process and my trouble even required another employee to help me when it came to transferring the meat from the grill to the pita. Never under-estimate the skill required by your Pita Pit server.

Too bad I couldn’t have tasted the finished product. I hope it turned out Ok, and that the lady wasn’t disappointed by the fact that her pita was strangely put together. I prefer to say it was “made with love”.

As it turned out, I was so excited by my accomplishment that it wasn’t until I was a few minutes drive away from the Promenade that I realized I forgot to get a Pita for myself for dinner. I forgot to get my pita!!

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One Comment on “Day 79: Dishing up a pita (at Pita Pit!)”

  1. Morgan Says:

    Go back!!! Get your pita!!!!

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