Day 78: Learning at a Greenhouse

Today I went to my friend Rachel’s. Her family has a small greenhouse in which they grow a lot of plants and flowers, some to sell, some to keep. She was going to show me a bit about what they do and let me help with some hanging basket planting.

Her family starts planting seeds of all different flowers and vegetables in February, and the plants are now just starting to really grow into… well, plants.

I won’t bore you (or maybe excite you) with all the different things I learned, but I will tell you my favorite newly-acquired knowledge- the difference between heirloom tomatoes and the usual tomatoes you get in the grocery store. I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as heirloom tomatoes, but surprise!, there are. Heirloom tomatoes are tomatoes that are grown from natural, original seeds. The tomatoes you find in the grocery store are usually hybrid tomatoes- they’re grown from seeds that have been “doctored” so that the tomatoes look perfect. Heirloom tomatoes are usually ribbed like a pumpkin and come in different colors:


 I have seen heirloom tomatoes before, but never realized that they were a different kind of tomato. I just thought they were defected. (And I prob put them back becuase of this thought, which is exactly why tomato producers make them look perfect!)

Another cool thing I learned at the greenhouse was that there are windows on the roof that have a heat sensor on them. When the greenhouse gets too hot for the plants, the windows will open on their own to make it cooler. Technology these days, I tell ya!
After showing me around the greenhouse, I made a hanging basket! Well, I didn’t actually make the basket, but I was able to arrange and plant the flowers how I wanted them to be in it. Oops, I already forget what kind of flower and filler flowers I put in there, but here is a picture of my beautiful basket that will someone lucky will get to take home.
Unlike yesterday’s new hobby, I didn’t find myself wanting to pick up gardening after today. It is a lot of work!
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