Day 77: Learning the art of movie editing

My friendy Karl loves to play around with movie editing and is really knowledgable when it comes to Macbook’s Final Cut Pro program. In fact, he helped on a little motion picture, which you may have heard of, called Lord of the Rings. Ok, that’s a lie. But the first sentence is true, he is into movie editing. So today he was so gracious to give me some of his time and show me around the basics of Final Cut Pro, giving me a glimpse into the world of film editing.

I enjoyed it so much, that I  just finished filling out my application for NYU’s Film Editing program. OK, that was a lie a too. But seriously, I really enjoyed learning about this aspect of film. It was awesome to see how much an average person can do when they have the right tools (i.e. the FCP program).

Karl showed me how you can pick and choose sections of clips and take the audio, visual, or both from the clip and change it around or insert it into part of a movie. There are also so many detailed effects you can use to completely transform a piece of media. I was able to gain insight into so many aspects of editing and I only hit the tip of the iceberg.

I would love to be able to shadow a professional film editor and see the behind-the-scenes processes that films are taken through to become the wonderful motion pictures we see on the big screen.

Maybe I should put my $4 lottery game winnings from yesterday (see Day 76) towards buying Final Cut Pro. Although, I guess I need to buy a Mac first.

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