Day 76: Buying lottery games at the grocery store!

Today I spent $5 on two lottery games at the grocery store. One was Diamond Mine, the other Pot O’ Gold. Now, although I don’t think it’s right to go blow all your money at casinos, I think these games once in a while are fun. In fact, I think I just might like them better than playing cards with my family and betting my spare cash. This might have something to do with the fact that I end up losing my spare cash to my family members, and today I just won $4!

That’s right! I won $4! Let me just say it one more time, because I’m really excited. I JUST WON $4!

Diamond Mine, the game that cost me $3, was a gem (pun). I actually won $9, and let’s see if you’re smart enough to figure out how I went from a winning of $9 to $4.

So anyways, after I bought the games at the vending machine, I went to my car and scratched away. I wasn’t even going to wait the 5 minutes until I got home. I was excited!

I am totally buying more. I figured it all out. If I spend $3  on Diamond Mine every day and win an average of $9 each time, at the end of a week I’ll have $42! And If I play for 4 weeks, I’ll have $168! So according to my plan I can have this beauty in about one month! (Today I was at a bridal shower and the couple got a pair of these, which they had wanted, and I decided I would love to have one for summertime cruising.)

This is going to be great, I can’t wait! Maybe I’ll just go back to Giant now and spend the $84 needed so I can buy it tomorrow. OK, yea- I’m out…

(Totally kidding, I will most likely rarely buy these things again. But, hey, it was fun while it lasted. Oh, and I do really want the bike.)

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