Day 75: Clowning Around

When I was about 3 or so, my sister Deb dressed up as a clown and came to my birthday party. I don’t remember it all, but we have the pictures to prove it, and in these pictures I was apparently a happy birthday girl. I was going to scan one on the computer for you all to see, but sadly, I couldn’t find them.

My nephew, Jake, turns 1 this coming week and today my sister had a small party for him. Knowing (or rather, seeing) how much I enjoyed having a clown at my own party when I was young, I thought it would be fun for Jake to have one at his. I know he’s only 1 so he probably doesn’t even understand what a clown is, but our family was sure we would get a reaction out of him. Most likely, he would scream. Remember the DIY face masks I did with my sisters? Well, he was terrified of them, of us in them. We were excited to see his reaction… even if it was going to cost him a year filled with clown-haunted nightmares. (Actually, that would be so sad. But, he’s 1- he’d forget about the clown in an hour.)

When the clown came in, Jake took one look in that direction and froze. His face was expressionless. The clown walked up to him and started talking to him, things like, “Are you the birthday boy?” and “I hear you’re having a party!” Jake remained frozen. The clown then gave him a truck balloon, which Jake hesitantly grabbed, his face showing a slight hint of joy. And then it was back to stoic. He didn’t do anything! This was not the reaction we wanted. Even if he laughed that would’ve been OK. Instead, he remained unsure, his face expressionless.

Over the course of the next 5 or 10 minutes the clown sang some, danced some, even picked Jake up and danced with him. NOTHING! This kid wasn’t cracking! He just wasn’t sure. The clown gave him a kiss and a red nose, and what do you know… nothing.

Finally, as the clown was getting ready to leave, she remembered she had some leis around her neck she wanted to give the birthday boy. She removed them from her neck and it was as if the touch of the leis on his skin flipped the switch on, because the split second they made contact with his head, the screaming began and the waterworks started. Jake was hysterically upset, and the rest of the party was hysterically laughing. The clown had done its job.

Much to my dismay, I missed this whole production, and wasn’t there when the clown came to the party. This is a recounting of the details I heard from my family. I was so bummed to have missed the clown, and when I got back, I could totally tell Jake was bummed from missing his Aunt Sarah. Well, there’s always next year…  Oh, and here are some picture my mom and sis got of the clown and Jake.

not so sure about the clown

no so sure about taking the balloon from the clown

not so sure about dancing with the clown

definitely not sure about the leis

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