Day 73: Volcano

I know this might seem silly. But stay with me on this one. I am sure we are all aware of that American cliché that elementary school science fair projects are equivalent to one of two things: a solar system or a volcano (I think the volcano is the more emphasized one). You see it all the time- in the movies (the kid is in the background building his volcano or the mom is rushing Jupiter to the science fair because the kid forgot it at home) and well, in real life also. In fact, I myself am guilty of making a solar system. However, I have not made a volcano (more prevalent in boys than girls?) I feel as though I’ve missed out on a sacred American childhood ritual. I knew I had to remedy the situation.

Growing up, my mom was always a fountain of excellent project ideas and was the first one to have an answer to any how-to’s. I would love to say that I would be the same except that I picture my child, twenty years down the road, asking me to help him with his science project volcano and I have to run to my laptop to google it. This was not going to happen.

So today I enlisted two of my very best creative minds to help me make a home-made volcano- my 4 year-old friends, Matthew and Julia. When it comes to home-made, hands-on crafts, no one gets more excited than these two. (Seriously, Julia asked me at least 15 times in an hour when we were going to make the volcano, and even told her brother he had to eat his lunch so we could make it.)

When it comes to aesthetics, I know our volcano isn’t top notch, yet since when were volcanoes made from modeling clay and fake dirt? Heck, if God made volcanoes out of rock and dirt, then so would we! (with a man-made plastic bottle in the middle, of courseJ)

The kids loved collecting rocks and dirt and molding them into a volcanic cone of destruction. Matthew even started digging in his mom’s garden, showing me how we could reach dirt if we just shoveled the mulch to the side. Oops, sorry Lisa! (It’s a good thing I brought dirt or her gardens would have been empty).

I will admit that the kids’ excitement paled in comparison to mine, and they were very excited. I was just so anxious to see this thing blow! And I didn’t even know if it was really going to work.

Well, I didn’t have long to find out. Once our volcano was created, I added the “explosive ingredient” a.k.a. the vinegar, and got my camera ready to capture the mega action. But I missed it. At least, I think I missed it. Wait… was that little bubbling the eruption? No, I’m sure I just didn’t add enough vinegar… I’ll add more. Nothing. Yep, guess that was it. This is what all the fuss was about? How anti-climactic.

I think I was much more disappointed then the twins were. Upon realizing that it wasn’t a big she-bang, Julia told me that she had a lot of fun making it. Ha!

Well, at least I know what to tell my future child NOT to do for his science fair project.


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One Comment on “Day 73: Volcano”

  1. Susanna Says:

    hahaha is that julia’s little pink sandled feet? I made a volcano with bekah for one of her lesson plans at the college and it was awesome… definitely exploded. Maybe you need to find new ingredients…

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