Day 70:The Art of Grilling

I love eating grilled food, but crazy enough have never grilled myself! Why, you ask? Well, I think it might have something to do with having a fear of things blowing up. I hated starting cars when I was getting ready to drive, I hated getting gas for the first couple of months I did drive, and I never wanted to turn on a grill. All because I was/am scared something will explode. (When I lived in Italy, we had an old gas stove we had to light, and it took about a week before I could start it without being nervous.) I know… I’m weird.

The past couple of years this hasn’t really been a problem for me, but I just didn’t really take the time and energy to learn and grill something. OK, no that’s a lie, I think I’m still nervous it’ll blow up. So now that I’ve admitted that, let’s just move on.

My sister, Deb is a grill master. She loves grilling and if the weather is warm, you can almost always find her out on her deck at dinnertime, grilling up a delicious meal. So, it only seemed right that I would learn from the best. On the menu: Italian-marinated chicken, zucchini, and potatoes.

The worst part (my least favorite) was turning the grill on. I was half-hoping that she would have done this without me, before I got there, but I knew that was cheating and told her she had to wait. I turned on the gas, and with my nerves starting to rise, braced myself, grabbed the lighter and lit it. I can’t even recall what happened next, it happened so fast. The grill exploded into flames enveloping my sister and I and burning the deck and side of the house. I started desperately screaming. OK, that’s not true. The only thing that burst into flames was the little metal thing inside the grill that was supposed to burst into flames. But I did scream. That is true. The whooshing noise surprised me, OK?

In the next 15 minutes, Deb directed me on where to put the food on the grill, how long to leave it, when to check it, turn it, etc. I will admit that if Greg or Deb didn’t keep reminding me to check it, I would’ve forgotten about it the second I put it on and we’d be eating black bricks for dinner. As it turned out, the food was wonderful. The potatoes could’ve been done differently, but hey, I’m a beginner.

Now all I’ve got to do is grill on a consistent basis so I can really learn the art.

Forget it… who am I kidding? I couldn’t care less.

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