Day 68: What Women Want: Living Well and Shopping Well

Every few months, the Promenade hosts women’s events to draw out more shoppers and connect with and serve the community. Today they hosted the event “What Women Want”. The theme of this event was “Live well. Shop well.” and it promoted living with a health-conscious attitude. They had free in-store wellness advice, wellness stations, and seminars for anyone who wanted to partake in them.

The event started at 11 a.m. and, having participated in Promenade events before, I knew to arrive right at the start so I could take advantage of all the freebies (that are subject to availability).

My first stop was at the St. Luke’s Mobile Medical van to get my blood pressure taken. It was 104/60 (I have no idea what these numbers mean) and got me an “excellent” from the nurse. Yes! I don’t know what I’m doing that keeps my blood pressure down, but I”m going to keep on doing it!

Next, I went into some stores to get free pens, water bottles, and magnets. At Banana Republic, you could get a stroke risk assessment. I started talking to the women there and she gave me a ton of information. I learned all about ways to decrease my stroke risk, how to analyze my risk according to family history of strokes, what signs to look for when someone is having a stroke and what you can do after the fact. The two of us were having a great party until she said, “…and for someone like you, who’s what, 30?…” It was a good thing I was surrounded by medical staff from St. Luke’s Hospital, because I think my heart almost stopped. Thirty?? Upon telling her I was only 22, she looked surprised and gave me what she thought was a compliment. “You have such a mature face.”  I translated that into, “You are getting wrinkles and look old.” Seeing as how I had just run out of my anti-aging, wrinkle-filling  face cream that morning (and yes, I’m aware that I’m only 22, but there’s nothing wrong with getting ahead of the game), I did not take too kindly to this “compliment”. After talking for a bit longer, I thanked her, scooped up my packet and headed towards the sale rack with the intent of indulging in some retail therapy. And then I remembered my lack of funds. Changing my route, I headed out the door and raised my face into the sunshine, daring its rays to wrinkle my SPF-protected, pale skin.

I then made my way towards Old Navy, where I learned all about St. Luke’s Fitness Center- what it offered, it’s schedule, the employee benefits, etc.- and entered into a drawing for free membership. I ended my wellness jaunt at The Fresh Market, receiving a free eco-friendly tote and helping myself to their coffee.

All around, the event was a success. My pre-mature aging was forgotten, lost between visions of great blood pressure, free goodies, and a healthy day in the sunshine. The only thing that could make it better is getting a phone call from the Promenade and receiving the good news that I won the $200 shopping spree sweepstakes I entered at every store I went into.

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One Comment on “Day 68: What Women Want: Living Well and Shopping Well”

  1. Morgan Says:

    Healthy blood pressure is below 120/80. Eating a plant-based diet and exercising helps keep it low. Good work!

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