Day 64: Making meatballs and gravy with Mrs. Geri Krempa

I love me some good Italian food!

Today, I was given the privilege of learning a passed-down Italian recipe for meatballs and gravy! Geri, my lovely Italian friend, shared her family recipe (including a secret ingredient!) with me.

I was kind of surprised to realize that I hadn’t made meatballs before. I love meatballs, and I have been finding that, when you are craving a really hearty, flavorful meatball, home-made meatballs are the way to go.

The meatballs we made today consisted of meat (ground beef and pork), onions, garlic, peppers, lots of spices (oregano, salt, pepper, basil,etc), and one secret ingredient. Apparently, this is what makes these delicious Italian meatballs so delicious, and no, I will not tell you what it is. And no, I do not have a talking dog that will tell you what it is either. (You know, like on the Bush Beans’ commercials?) Sorry, folks. Looks like you’re just going to have to find your own secret, family recipe.

My favorite part was getting to mash everything together with my hands and shape them into balls (cooking is maybe one of the only times I don’t mind getting my hands all gross). Sorry I didn’t get a picture of me actually doing this mushy task, but here is an after picture showcasing my superb meatball-shaping skills. It felt like I was mixing up… well, poop, for lack of a better word.









The gravy, which is really a sauce, was a mixture of tomato, olive oil, all the spice mentioned above, some ground beef, onions, and peppers.

We put the meatballs, as well as some sausages, into the sauce and as Geri says, “cook them to death”.

I haven’t tried the finished product, as they are not done yet, obviously, and will be trying them Thursday. So, I’ll update you then.

THANK YOU, Geri, for doing this with me! I’ll have to make these vegan-style for my parents some time!


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