Day 63: Eating Authentic Trini Food

My sister, Liz, has spent quite a bit of time in Trinidad and Tobago over the last few years, and is always raving about the food. (I don’t know why she does this when we can’t have any- what a tease) Weellll, it turns out that there are some little hole-in-the-wall places in Brooklyn, NY that make authentic Trini(dad) food. Of course, when taking a day trip into the city, we make a beeline for Brooklyn.

We went to a little place called “Grace Before Meals”. Interesting name, huh? I meant to ask the workers there why it was called that, but forgot, so it will remain a mystery. There was a man and woman serving the food, and although really friendly, were super hard for me to understand with their Trini accents. Liz, having been surrounded by the accent before and knowing the food, took charge. I followed her lead. Literally. I ordered the same thing she did so that all I would have to say when asked what I wanted was, “The same as her”.

This is what I got.

Doubles: This is channa (chickpeas and onions in a sauce) between two pieces of sweet-ish dough. Very messy, but very, very delicious! (After 3 years of Liz going on and on about doubles, I didn’t know if it would live up to its reputation, but it did!)

the doubles is what I'm holding.










Curried Goat and Potatoes with Bus-up-shot: Yes, I know- what the heck is a bus-up shot? Bus-up-shot is a bread that you shred apart- it reminds me of distressed jeans haha- and you eat it with your goat and potatoes. The bus-up-shot was really good, but the goat… not so much. Now, liz did say it wasn’t the best she’s had, but I can definitely tell you it was the worst I’ve had! I can’t remember if I’ve had goat before. I think I have, and I’m pretty sure I liked it. This, however, was not my favorite. Or even on my top 500 list to be honest.

the bus-up-shot and curried goat and potatoes















Tomorrow, I’m going to continue celebrating food and make Geri Krempa’s A-mazing meatballs and gravy with the chef herself!

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One Comment on “Day 63: Eating Authentic Trini Food”

  1. nicole Says:

    liz looks so beautiful in that picture! and the food looks delicious. i’m always up for a foodie adventure with you, as long as it’s meat free. we could try a vegan restaurant if you’ve never done that!

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