Day 62: Half Mile Sprint… kill. me. now.

When Bec gave me this idea, I was a bit hesitant. Not because I thought it would be awful (although I knew it would be), but because I didn’t think it was anything especially “off course” from what I’ve done in my life. Oh, how wrong I was…

I’m a slow runner and have always gone for distance, so I have never taken the time and discipline to run short distances at a sprinting pace. Sure, I’ve sprinted the last 100 or 200 yards of a run, but today I was about to sprint a half of a mile. And by ‘sprint’ I mean running at my top speed- as fast as I can. This means that my sprint pace would most likely be slower towards the end than at the beginning.

While getting ready to go outside, I felt myself getting nervous. I felt like I was back in high school gym class lining up for the timed mile! I used to hate the fact that they made us do a timed run, setting us up for possible humiliation, and here I was voluntarily doing it in front of my entire neighborhood!  At least in high school I had the advantage of being a better runner due to sports. Now I am only a 22 year-old female that runs a slow 10 minute-mile pace.

There is a loop in my neighborhood that is an exact half mile so I put on my watch and psyched myself up. It’s just a half mile, I got this, I run more than that all the time. This is no big deal. Just do it. I set my watch and off I went.

20 seconds in I was dying. It didn’t help that there is an uphill in this route. I was pushing myself as hard as I could go, yet I could have sworn that if someone was looking out their window they would see me power walking past. I finally hit the level road and started to slowly increase my pace, anticipating the downhill finish. Too bad that when I actually got to the downhill I was so tired that I felt like I was still on an incline.

I passed my starting point and looked at the clock. 4.20 What?? That can’t be right! I felt like I was only gone for a minute! I took a second to tell myself that I just ran an 8.40 mile pace and that I should be happy with that, when the pain hit. Hard. Remember how I thought this would be no big deal?

VERY BIG DEAL! MY LUNGS! THEY’RE ON FIRE! I CAN’T BREATH, I CAN’T BREATH! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. I can’t even begin to tell you how much pain my cardio system was in. I felt like I got hit by a freight train. My breathing slowed to normal in a minute or so, but my lungs literally burned for the next 15. I tried everything. Finally I started drinking some lukewarm water and making this throat-clearing noise that soothed my lungs some. My dog was watching me intently, either making sure I was alright and thinking I was crazy.

I wanted to send a scathing text message to Bec telling her I was going to hurt her the next time I saw her for giving me such an awful idea and putting me in so much pain, but the burning pain was taking up all my physical and emotional energy and I couldn’t even pick up my phone, let alone type out the words of revenge.

All I can say is that I will NEVER do this again. Ever. I would rather read The Catcher in the Rye again before repeating this awful, awful day.

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One Comment on “Day 62: Half Mile Sprint… kill. me. now.”

  1. Susanna Says:

    hahahaha well look on the bright side… your “new thing” only took 4 and a half minutes of your day! :) good for you! When I read what you were doing I was thinking ” oh, no she’s gonna do THE LOOP… the one with the crazy hill” AND YOU DID! haha good for you!

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