Day 61: Improving my posture… with duct tape

Yes, you read that right. I just spent the last 6 hours with duct tape on my back.

I have been cursed- er… I mean, blessed to have a mom who has always reminded and continues to remind me to hold my shoulders back. Lately, my poor posture has even been a disappointment to me, and I am therefore always on the look out for ways to improve it. I don’t know where or when it was that I first heard about this idea (I think I read it in a magazine awhile ago), but ever since I did, I’ve always wanted to try it.

Here’s how it works: standing with good posture, you have someone put a piece (or pieces) of duct tape on your back between your shoulder blades. You have to make sure it is a stronger duct tape so it firmly holds your skin. Then, whenever you start slouching, the tape pulls your skin and it becomes quite uncomfortable (or painful), thus keeping you from doing it. Here is one man’s description of how it works. I’ve heard of different ways to put the tape on, but you find what works best for you.

Today at 3 PM, I had my mom tape up my back. I tried an upside down triangle- one piece between my shoulder blades, and then two going diagonally down from the end of that piece towards the middle of my back.

At first it just felt funny. Ladies- you know the feeling you get right after painting your nails? You know they’re dry, yet you feel like something is on them and you can’t use them and they’re slightly uncomfortable? Well that’s the feeling. (Funny thing is I had just done my nails so I had both funny, slightly uncomfortable feelings and I walked around the house feeling like I couldn’t participate in anything!)

After 2 hours, I was getting tired of holding my shoulders up, but there wasn’t really any pain involved.

After 4 hours, my whole back ached. It was a constant discomfort.

5 hours in and I just wanted to rip it off! I was watching a movie with my family and couldn’t get comfortable at all, being in a chair that wasn’t made for good posture. The tape was now beginning to feel like it had melted into my skin and was starting to sting when my skin pulled.

Finally, after 6 hours, I asked my mom to take the tape off. I braced myself for what I was sure would be the biggest “pulling off a band-aid” pain of my life. I squinted my eyes, tensed my arms, and gave her the nod, shivers going down my spine. Her fingers picked at the corner of the tape and she started to pull…. and it tickled. It tickled! PHEW! What a nice surprise!! I might do this more often!

Let me tell you, it was not that easy getting dressed with this stuff on my back. No siree.  I looked like a mannequin, trying to keep all my limbs straight. On the positive side, wearing the tape made me realize how often I let my frame slouch, and kept me constantly aware of how I was holding my posture. I’m sitting here now and my shoulders and back are still aching. I am realizing that even though the tape is gone, I’m still holding myself in good posture.

We have success! It’s definitely an added bonus that I now have a triangle of baby-soft skin on my back. I might just wear this stuff all week!

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4 Comments on “Day 61: Improving my posture… with duct tape”

  1. Deb Says:

    is it just me or did you skip a day? you went from 60 to 62??? lol :)

  2. Heather Says:

    so–you are so faithful in having pictures–where is the pic of your good posture? ;)
    thanks for the suggestion. I think I might try this one.

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