Day 60: Learning To Juggle

I officially feel like a klutz.

I was practicing my juggling for about 45 minutes, and slowly showing improvement, when Bec came home and proclaimed I needed to watch the master. And she juggled. And that was when I realized that for the past 45 minutes I had been practicing something that wasn’t juggling.

Apparently I was attempting to succeed at what is the really hard way to juggle. I was throwing the balls in a circular motion instead of flip-flopping between hands. (Yea, I know I don’t know how to describe it.)

So I then proceeded to practice for another 45 minutes. I now had both my sister and dad showing me proper juggling forms. You would think this would help, except that it only emphasized my lack of juggling coordination. And then my brother Greg came in and juggled two balls with one hand! Oh gosh… yes, show me up why don’t you. I mean, it’s not like I’m the one who’s skills are being showcased on the internet or anything.

After an hour and a half of juggling practice, I consider it a success when I throw and catch 5 balls. I know- my expectations are not very high.

I tried to upload the video of me juggling, but no luck. I’m working on it. So for now, this is what you got.

This is me not catching any balls.


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