Day 58: Go To A Movie By Myself

I was kind of surprised I hadn’t done this before, but then I remembered how much everyone I know is always dying to go to the movies with me, and it totally made sense.

So I went to see the matinee of the movie, Beastly. Yea, yea spare me the ridicule. Not only did I pay to see such a lame chick flick, but I went by myself! I can assure you, it didn’t matter that I forgot to wear my “I’m a loser.” t-shirt. People at the other end of the promenade would have had no problem classifying me a loser, walking  into theater 14 solo.

I was thinking that if I wanted to be stealth about my stag outing I should’ve gone to a night showing of an action movie, where I would’ve been guaranteed a full theater, no one knowing I was alone. And then I was like, “Uh, hello! I’m choosing to go alone and I’m excited to do it!” So I did what any smart woman would do- decided on the chick flick I really wanted to see and went for the reduced-price showing. Oh yea.

As I walked into Theater 14, I wondered where I could sit that wouldn’t be so awkward alone. Turns out, I didn’t have to even think about it. The theater was empty. And I don’t mean ‘there were only a handful of people’ empty. I mean ‘the theater should be paying me for making the movie showing worth their while’ empty.  Yes, I had the entire theater to myself. Have you ever had a theater give you and only you a private showing? No? Oh that’s too bad, I have. :)

So there I was, sitting in a big empty theater all by myself, watching a really weird, cheesy chick flick. And I loved it. Well, I loved it as much as I had to seeing as how I had no choice and was already in the situation. I mean, I would much rather have gone with friends or family. It made me realize that getting to experience a movie with someone, getting to scream or laugh or cry next to them, plays a bigger role in going to see a movie than I thought.

Here are some pros and cons of going to a movie alone:


you don’t have to worry about sharing your snacks or drink

you don’t have to share your arm rests (provided you are one of those people who make sure there is an empty chair between your party and strangers. seeing as how your party consists of you and only you…you’ll have plenty of arm room.)


you don’t have anyone to eat half the calories of snacks and drinks you brought

you have no one to talk to, laugh with, cry with, or scream with. unless you make friends with the creepy guy sitting in the back by himself

you have to walk in and out of theater by yourself- this could be potentially awkward when it’s obvious you aren’t waiting for anyone

you are at risk of be laughed at and whispered about by the 6 BFFs sitting 2 rows behind you who think you have no friends.


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One Comment on “Day 58: Go To A Movie By Myself”

  1. nate Says:

    i have a knack for picking the wrong movies to see by myself. if memory serves me correctly, i’ve only done it twice. the first was million dollar baby, stunningly bleak and depressing. the second was no country for old men, intensely dark and also a bit depressing.

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