Day 57: Making A Clock

OK, I promise this is the last craft thing I’ll do in a while. They’re just so easy, but even I’m bored of them, so I can’t imagine how you all feel.

Today I made a clock. Well, I didn’t actually make the clock parts and all- which reminds me, I just made a new friend last week with a guy who does clock making and repairing! I thought it was a dying art, but no!- but I started with a piece of a wood and the mechanical clock part, and ended up with this. Yea, I’m not too impressed either.









You know when you have visions of something beautiful and over-the-top in your mind but you just can’t execute it? Yea, I was having one of those moments. Of course, being the mom she is, my mom oohed and aahed over it, and upon hearing that I could care less about keeping, decided she wanted it.

I obviously have never designed a clock before but had been really looking forward to it. When it came down to it, I found myself sitting with an empty template before me, waiting to be turned into a masterpiece, and choked. So I just started doodling and painting, throwing in different colors and designs. What I ended up with, I think, is something that should be hidden in the junk-filled basement of a pack rat next to the two sizes too small pair of ice skates and never-read pile of old birthday cards.

Oh well, my creativity went downhill after Day 2’s sewing machine disas- er, project. No more crafty stuff this week, I just can’t take the embarrassment.

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3 Comments on “Day 57: Making A Clock”

  1. Kayla Lerch Says:

    IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL! I would definitely buy that if I saw it in a store in which I was clock shopping :)

  2. Susanna Says:

    I think it looks awesome sarah… still not sure how you got to that from a piece of wood but i can only imagine :)

  3. […] Finally, I was sitting at the table, my palette filled, my brush poised, thinking to myself how much I hate this. Not painting or creating art, but knowing that I only have one chance to make something so perfectly created in my mind. That always ends up happening with my artwork, and that is the reason why I don’t paint as much as I want to. What a let down. And while I was aware of the fact that  I was setting myself up for failure, and not enjoying the process or the moment, I still couldn’t help but think that I would soon be turning my unwanted mug over to the local thrift store. (Although that would never happen, because my mom always insists on keeping things her children have made- even if they are crappy- exhibit A: my home-made clock from Day 57) […]

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