Day 55: Watch An NCAA March Madness Game

Disclaimer: If the statement “basketball sucks” offends you, you probably won’t want to and shouldn’t read this post…

I just finished watching the NCAA Kentucky vs. UNC basketball game, and I feel like I just wasted the last two hours of my life. I am not a big fan of basketball, and I’m really not a fan of watching sports on TV. So it shouldn’t surprise you when I say that I can’t remember having ever watched a full basketball game on TV. I thought that if I was going to break this streak, I should at least choose a decent game. A March Madness game seemed fitting for the job- go big or go home, right?

Tonight, the Kentucky Wild Cats played the UNC Tar Heels. I know, my thoughts exactly. The Tar Heels? What the heck is a Tar Heel? I spent the first few minutes of the game wondering why any school would choose a Tar Heel as its mascot, and then started pondering how the idea of a school mascot even came about. Only 5 minutes in, and already I was losing focus on the game. (By the way, this is a Tar Heel…dumb)

I realized that basketball is a very fast-moving game. Literally. It’s not like football, where you’re usually guaranteed that one team will have the ball for a few minutes. No, in basketball, the ball moves between the two teams in a matter of seconds. I found my mind reeling as I was trying to keep up with what was going on. It was weird- not like watching a game in real life.

I didn’t have a particular team I was rooting for, but come half time I had decided to pledge my allegiance to the Tar Heels, seeing as how they had been losing the whole game thus far. Then, 4 minutes into the second half, my dad informed me that they were the higher-seated team. This brought some inner turmoil. Who do I want to win?! I hate rooting for the already “better” team. But, throughout the whole first half I had built up an emotionally supportive relationship with the Tar Heels. I stuck with the Tar Heels, and in the end, they lost. Oh well.

Now I’m sure if you are an avid basketball fan you would walk away from this game with memories of great plays, knowledge of bogus ref calls, and a strong like or dislike of the results of the game. Well, I am not an avid basketball fan, and so after watching the game, this is what I walked away with:

– the legs on these guys are so long they literally eat up the court, making it look as if it’s only 10 feet long.

– Henson (not sure what team he’s on) looks like he could be 16 years old.

– I was surprised they let people sit so close to the court. I was waiting for a player to have a head-on collision with a camera guy behind the basket.

– sine when did school bands play live at the basketball games?

– why in the world would you want to wear bright blue sneakers that match your bright blue socks and uniform??


After the last two hours, I now understand how it’s so easy for my dad to fall asleep during a game.

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