Day 54: Visiting A Great Lake!

This might sound lame, but I was actually really excited about this adventure. I have never been to or seen any of the Great Lakes before and because Rochester, NY is so close to Lake Ontario, my cousins and I made a point to go see it.

My first view of it was incredible. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera ready. We were driving up this hill, and when we got to the top of it, the first thing you saw was the beautiful lake on the horizon. It was so crazy- it was brown! Well most of it was. The crazy thing was that right when it got to the horizon, the brown turned into beautiful, intense shades of blue.

We drove down to a pier you could walk on and let me tell you, the temperature felt like it dropped 20 degrees, it was so cold and windy! Jon, my cousin who goes to school in Rochester, says that int he spring and summer the temperature is perfect and it’s packed with people. I guess I’ll have to go back to determine if that’s true:)

Looking out on the lake, you felt like you were standing on the edge of the earth. I can’t even begin to describe it to you, and my pictures don’t get the job done either.

Anyone know why the water is brown like that closer to the shore?

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2 Comments on “Day 54: Visiting A Great Lake!”

  1. coachctv Says:

    I think the water is brown closer to shore because that’s where all the fish poop washes in.

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