Day 51: Make A Jean Pocket Purse

So I got this idea off of the internet (go figure) to make a small purse out of the back pockets of an old pair of jeans. I saw a picture of one and immediately thought that it would make a cute summer time purse. Seeing as I have multiple pairs of jeans that are sitting in the bottom of a trunk in my closet, going unworn, this craft had my name written all over it.

Except for the fact that I had to go back to the dreaded sewing machine (check out Day 2), this project was actually quite simple.  You cut out the back pockets of your pair of jeans, leaving about an inch of fabric around the outside. How you cut the top, where the opening will be, is up to you. my pockets are slanted compared to the seam above them. I wanted to keep the seam as the top edge of my purse, so I kept the slanted look.  The idea I found on the internet said to use the jean zipper as the opening of the purse, but I decided to forgo this aspect, because my jean zipper was too short for the length of the top of my purse. I think I might have to buy one if I decide to add one later.

I pinned the two pockets together inside-out and and sewed them with the sewing machine. My mom set it up for me (I had forgotten how, having erased every memory from that awful night from my mind), but was unable to assist me in the process. I assured her that I could do it myself, that it would be easy enough to run it through the sewing machine. Of course, as is becoming the custom, my hopes for an easy job done were smashed into a million pieces. Because denim is thicker and there were thicker seams already in the fabric, my thread consistently got knotted and stuck in the machine, leaving me with the ugliest-stitching you ever saw. Thankfully, I remembered to stitch it inside-out, and the thread catastrophe was unseen from the outside.

For the strap, you can use the inseam of your jeans. I accidentally cut mine in the middle, and to rectify the situation, tied the two leg inseams in a knot. It actually fits the summer-styled purse better, I think. If you want yours all one piece, make sure you don’t cut the inseam at the crotch of the jeans, where the two leg inseams meet. If you want your strap to be thicker, feel free to cut the material an inch or two wide. However, if you do this, you will most likely want to sew the edge of the material that you cut so the strap has a smooth edge. I decided to keep mine skinny and cut along the inseam stitch on both sides.

I’m not sure I’m explaining this well, so I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. If you do this craft, just play around with your jeans and make it your own. I ended up doing a completely different process than that which I read on-line, but I made it more suitable to the style and look I was going for. Very Urban Outfitters, I think, and much better than my moccasins (which isn’t saying much!).


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One Comment on “Day 51: Make A Jean Pocket Purse”

  1. Susanna Says:

    very creative!!! Looks nice Sarah

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