Day 50: Make A Pair Of Moccasins

I love moccasins. Well, I love shoes in general, but moccasins hold a special place in my heart (and closet) because they are so comfortable. Having said that, I’ll now admit that I don’t own and never have owned a pair of real moccasins in my life. (Yes, that previous closet comment was a lie.) I’ve always wanted some, but when it came down to forking over cash for a pair of moccasins, I always refrained and went for the boots or sandals instead. That’s kind of how I roll- boots in the cold months, sandals in the warm. I have a fake pair from American Eagle (I hate American Eagle), but they just don’t count.

So you can imagine my delight when I saw a kit at A.C. Moore for making moccasins! This was perfect. I could accomplish something for my blog and end up with a pair of shoes! I was going to get paid for my writing effort in shoes! (For the record, if any employer out there wants to pay me in shoes instead of cash… I will get the job done and I’ll even work overtime:)

I wanted to make these babies yesterday so I could try out my new kicks, but it wasn’t until tonight that I was able to get at ’em, and so I took my moccasin-making party over to my friend, Chris’ house (Chris was probably more excited about me making these mocs than I was, although when I offered him a shoe to help with the process, he declined. I think he just wanted to be amused at my expense!) This was when I opened my moccasin kit and discovered, to my horror, that it did not include directions! I looked from one piece of leather to the laces, then back to the leather. I can do this, I thought. I will do this. It’ll be an adventure.

Fifteen minutes later, I hadn’t moved and neither had any pieces of my kit. This was not an adventure! I was doomed! My mocs were never going to get made. I had failed… and I hadn’t even begun! I don’t know if Chris read of my sorrows on my face or what, but it was at this  moment that he chose to open a package of the world’s best- and my favorite- fruit snacks, and it quite literally saved me. Not only did the fruit snacks lift my spirits (how could they not? they’re delicious!), but they also required me to get rid of the gum in my mouth. Having no napkin to put my gum in, I ripped at a corner of the cardboard label of my moccasin kit, and what did my eyes see? DIRECTIONS! The cardboard unfolded to expose directions on the inside! All at once my heart got happy and my feet felt light (they were imagining being ensconced in my new mocs).

I finally began making my mocs and I’ll tell you the process was pretty uneventful. Except for the fact that I kept almost running out of lace and had to go back to all my previous “stitches” and tighten them all. Oh, and there was also the mishap of randomly having an extra lace hole on the side of the one moccasin. OK, so it was almost uneventful. The first one took me like an hour! The second, however, was a breeze and I had a pair of new mocs in no time.

Where do I begin to describe my new shoes? Let’s see…

They suck. Yes, they are awful. For starters, they are ugly. The material puckers around the toe in an uneven, sloppy-looking way. The bows I tied are uneven because one end of lace was longer than the other. And, the inside sole is just this ugly white pad.

They also don’t fit right. Because they are made to fit a size 8 or 9 foot, they make my size 8 feet look like they are a size 9.5. They are also too wide and don’t have a structured shape so they just sort of hang on either side of my foot.

Yea, not what I was going for. On the bright side, I no longer have to look for a birthday present for my sister, Deb.

notice the empty hole on the far shoe...i don't know how that happened



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8 Comments on “Day 50: Make A Pair Of Moccasins”

  1. coachctv Says:

    They’re BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Susanna Says:

    hahahahahahahahahaaaaa those are the most awful shoes every!

  3. Deb Says:

    I don’t have mocs on my bday list :P

  4. Annemarie Says:

    I have made these exact same mocs (got my kit @ Michael’s a couple years back) & I think I just recently put them in a “to donate” bag of clothes because they ARE terrible to actually wear!! they don’t fit (they never did-really) & the ends of my bows got really frayed so they looked even sloppier than when I first made-ahem-assembled them. I do remembering feeling “adventurous” when I bought them, though. Like somehow I was connecting with my inner Pocahontas…

  5. rachel Says:

    tim made me these (or really similar ones) for Christmas and they are amazing! he did a great job and they are really comfortable and look nice. you should’ve asked him for help sarah :)

  6. LouEllen Says:

    Thank you! I’m still laughing. Actually, what I had in mind, was the kind that came up to the knee. Got the leather, ripped up 3 coats and a pair of pants, I’m ready! Day 51, seeing a shirnk tomorrow. Shrink to fit boots. I’m liking it!!!! LouEllen

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