Day 48: Build A Tower Out Of Cards (or…attempt to)

That title says it all. I attempted to build a tower out of a deck of cards. Well, I guess I succeeded… I mean, I made a little one.

Whenever I think of card towers I immediately think of The Brady Bunch episode where the three boys go head-to-head with the three girls in a card tower-building contest to see who gets a pile of food stamps. After seeing the tower they built, I wouldn’t be surprised if no one wanted to build one after that. It’s a bit hard to compete with. Make that insanely hard to compete with.

I’ve never tried to build a card tower before and was excited to see how big I could get it. I was hoping to maybe use an entire deck of cards, but wasn’t going to hold my breath. (Actually I was going to hold my breath because I didn’t want to accidentally breath the tower to pieces.) I thought I would build it on my kitchen table because it was a flat, smooth surface.

I started out trying to build the traditional, easy card tower, but soon found out it wasn’t as easy as I thought. In fact, after a half hour the best tower I had built consisted of the bottom layer of the tower made with 5  propped-up pairs. I had yet to get any pairs on the second layer.

I decided that maybe I should use my time better and work on just putting three pairs on the bottom and make a pyramid of 3-2-1, adding more later once I achieved this. Another half hour passed. No luck. I wasn’t getting anywhere so I thought I would cheat a little. I moved down to the floor and tried to build the tower on the carpet, hoping the roughness would actually hold the cards up better. Once again, I struggled. It wasn’t the initial layer of card tepees that was hard to make, and because these are the only cards affected by the building ground, it didn’t matter whether I was on the smooth table or the rough carpet. I realized that my cheating didn’t get me anywhere. It’s making the tepees on the flat layer of cards that are laying across the top of the initial layer that kept giving me problems, and this, I could find no way to fix.

This was when I gave up on the pyramid and googled card towers, trying to find a different tower to build. I ended up creating my own. Unfortunately they are all one-level towers, because I apparently suck at building anything more. Here is what I came up with


The frustrating aspect about card tower-building is that once one card falls, the whole tower usually falls. So even if you’re only one card away from the top, you could still find yourself starting at ground zero a second later. Ground Zero is exactly where I found myself an hour into my building project. Yes, I had been building for an hour in an attempt to make a pyramid and had nothing to show for it.

I bottled up my frustration and tried to turn it into balance that I could execute through the cards. This magic must have worked because an HOUR AND A HALF since starting my card building, I finally made a 3-2-1 pyramid! How pathetic. I quickly captured it on film and then picked up a card to start adding more tepees to the bottom layer, expanding my pyramid. No sooner had I moved the card toward the tower when it all came crashing down. I somehow knew that my hope to use the entire 52-card deck would never become a reality.


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