Day 46: Make My Happy 100 List

Alright so I got this idea from a website called Day Zero. Basically people use this website to create lists of their goals, dreams, achievements, future plans. One person wanted to sit down and compile a list of 100 things that make her happy. It got me to thinking, could I think of 100 things that make me happy? I think sometimes I let myself get hung up on what doesn’t make me happy or what I think I’m missing in my life. So I decided I’d sit down and make my own list. This will also give you random insights into the things that make me smile.

This is my Happy 100 list in no particular order

1 my sisters (and my best friends); Deb, Liz, Susan and Bec

2 a sunny day

3 putting my head on my pillow at the end of a long day

4 God’s unconditional love for me


6 my amazing parents

7 delicious food

8 ice cream (it’s in a category all its own)

9 that feeling you get after a hard workout or run- like you’re invincible

10 an overcast day with a breeze

11 the color blue

12 dying my hair

13 buying clothes

14 buying shoes

15 having a heart-to-heart talk with a great friend

16 doing something spontaneous

17 singing

18 hearing good music

19 walking into a cool room on a hot day

20 drinking water

21 learning something new from the Bible

22 seeing a good friend I haven’t seen in awhile

23 hanging out with a group of close friends

24 watching a good movie (usually a chick flick:)

25 giving someone a gift they weren’t expecting

26 my nephew, Jake

27 swinging on swings!

28 laying in a field of soft grass

29 discovering funny pictures from the past

30 going snowbaording

31 finally spotting a frog or turtle on Crystal Lake in New Hampshire

32 spending the 4th of July with my family all together in New Hampshire

33 reading a good book

34 waking up without an alarm

35 looking at a couple of hours that are completely at my disposal to do whatever

36 shopping

37 finding a great sale

38 snuggling with my dog (when I want to, not when she always wants to)

39 swimming on a hot day

40 Starbucks’ light caramel frappucino

41 chocolate

42 playing a pick-up game of kickball, wiffleball,etc.

43 celebrating a family birthday with the infamous Sullivan ice cream cake (Bec- I’m SO mad you didn’t want one this year!)

44 playing Pony Jumpers with Bec

44 playing queen of the prom with Jodi (or chels or brenda)

45 when Giant sucks me into buying a bouquet of flowers for someone just because, and I know I don’t have extra money for it but I can’t help myself because I know it’ll make them smile

46 winning an argument :)

47 finishing a project (finishing this blog will make me very happy!)

48 looking at some of the artwork and/or writing I’ve done in the past and knowing that God gave me talents

49 hearing the crazy, random, usually untrue thoughts that come out of the mouths’ of 4 year-old Matthew and Julia, “my kids”

50 going to a wedding

51 crying during a sappy movie, song, or heck, even a commercial (yes, I have) and knowing I’m taking after my mom with it

52 a great view of a natural landscape- especially fields and mountains!

53 being encouraged by Susanna just through a 2-minute conversation

54 going for a hike on a beautiful day

55 my brother-in-laws and their crazy antics; Greg and Jon

56 getting together with extended family


58 our family’s annual easter egg hunt comprised of all 20- and 30- something year-old adults fighting over petty cash and candy-filled eggs

59 making and eating the Sullivan family’s infamous chocolate peanut butter eggs for Easter!

60 hearing my phone beep because I just got a text

61 looking at my phone and seeing that the text is a pic msg from Deb- that only means one thing- a picture of Jake:)

62 giving my sister, Liz, a hug after not seeing her for months when she comes home

63 driving away from the gas station with a now-full tank of gas

64 having a good magazine to read

65 anticipating Heaven and finally seeing my Savior!

66 going on a trip!

67 packing for a trip, knowing I’m going on a trip!

68 going to the airport knowing I’m going on a trip!

69 coming home after going on a trip!

70 cute guys:)

71 cute guys that are living their life for God

72 walking on the beach

73 the shaking of my legs when I’m done wake-boarding and climbing back in the boat

74 opening my eyes while tubing and still being on the tube, having survived a crazy patch of waves

75 seeing my mom get emotional when she opens a really meaningful gift from someone (usually a daughter)

76 my dad’s dumb jokes that make you laugh anyways because he’s laughing at them

77 dancing with good friends

78 driving to church, knowing I will be in good fellowship and challenged and encouraged in my faith for the next couple of hours

79 hearing a group of God-lovers all around me worshipping God by singing their lungs out

80 remembering great memories

81 watching an episode of Friends

82 having smooth legs after not shaving for a while in the winter time : /

83 being up for the sunrise service at Calvary BFC on Easter Sunday

84 fruit!

85 hearing my sister, Bec, playing the piano in the other room when I’m home

86 putting on chapstick

87 getting flowers other than roses (I mean, they’re just not my favorite)

88 seeing a woman dressed in great fashion

89 wearing boots

90 getting a text from Deb asking me if I want to walk, especially when I want and need to get out

91 kyaking

92 seeing God do something amazing after I finally give Him my trust with something

93 that feeling I get every now and then when I am overwhelmed with love for my family (it’s like my chest gets tight and i have to take deep, long breath to keep myself from wanting to cry in emotion-yea I know, sappy)

94 watching my dog curl up in her bed

95 when 4 year-old Matthew comes over to me saying he wants to tell me something, and whispers in my ear that he loves me and gives me a kiss on the cheek

96 having a house to live in, a car to drive, a closet full of clothes and shoes, and a stocked fridge. God has blessed me and my family

97 having the time to take my time to shower, do my hair and make-up and get dressed

98 getting something for free (Rita’s on SUNDAY!)

99 finally completing another experience and post for my blog that day

100 the love I know my family and friends have for me


Wow. That took longer than I thought, and there are still so many things that make me happy, I could’ve kept going! I forgot to add puppies! There is SO much to be happy about! Big things and little things make me smile each day and I don’t even realize it! God has crazily blessed the world with things purely for our enjoyment! I hope it wasn’t too boring for you to read about my happy things. Now, if you want, you can call me up and I will be more than happy to share one of these happy moments with you! We can get ice cream!!


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3 Comments on “Day 46: Make My Happy 100 List”

  1. Susanna Says:

    thank you Sarah

  2. Deb Says:

    :) sometimes you get other pics from me (the one you got a little over a year ago hahaaaa!!!)

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