Day 45: Paint A Room

Some people might think that painting a room isn’t a very great experience, or that it isn’t really an experience at all. But, I beg to differ. I think that there is something so therapeutic and rejuvenating about painting that it you let it, it can become a calming, freeing, and wonderful experience.

I’ve never taken a room from stark to colored all on my own. Sure, I’ve painted walls in the past, but I was always with a group of people and usually painting a boring white color (most of these experiences were on missions’ work teams). However, even during those experiences I felt wonderful, and it made me wonder how it would feel to paint a room in a pretty color all by myself, to have that responsibility and sense of accomplishment (provided I didn’t mess the whole room up:).

My friends, Emily and Andy, recently moved into a small, old house in Philadelphia and haven’t had the time to redo all their rooms yet, so I volunteered my time, they provided the paint and room, and today, I got to work.

This room was a small one, which was necessary for me to complete it in one day. In fact, it was so small that it was more the size of a big walk-in closet. But nonetheless, it was a room that needed to be transformed into beauty, and I was going to be the one to do it!

Emily chose a pretty gray-blue shade of Valspar paint which apparently has the primer and paint all-in-one. (Anything to be more efficient!) Blue is one of my favorite colors so I was very happy with the choice.

Here is where I could start walking you through the steps of how I painted the room, but let’s get real… who really cares? No one.

With good music blasting (thank you, Em!) and fresh air blowing in through the sunny yellow bathroom, I had a wonderful time alone, painting that room. I don’t know if it’s the methodical movements of the paint brush, the sticky sound the roller makes against the wall, or the transformation from something old to something new, but I love doing it. I love painting.

So, hey, if you have any rooms you need painted, drop me a line… the only thing better than painting a room  is painting one with a friend… well, and ice cream, but that’s a given.


after...sorry i couldn't get a good pic of the oppposite two walls




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