Day 43: Watch Breakfast At Tiffany’s

If Audrey Hepburn in her signature, glamorous style isn’t enough to make you want to run to your local library and rent out Breakfast at Tiffany’s, then I don’t know what would.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the 1961 classic about a young, off-beat woman making her way in the Big Apple. While looking for a suitably rich husband, Holly (played by Audrey Hepburn) rejects Paul, the one man who can actually give her what she wants and needs: belonging, security, and love.

I liked this movie. At first, having been expecting a more down-to-earth and romantic Audrey and plot line, I was a bit skeptical taking in the quirkiness of this film. I wasn’t quite sure which way was up (and apparently neither was Holly). Once I allowed myself to embrace the unexpected, I found myself rather enjoying the lives of Holly and Paul. Fast-paced, spontaneous and “glamorous”, the two characters’ lives represented that which some of us only dream about. The harsh reality, however, was that even a life lived with all that jazz can be empty without loving and being loved by someone.

I especially loved the music of the film. The feeling must have been quite shared during the film’s debut, because Breakfast at Tiffany’s won the Oscar award for  Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture. It also won the Oscar for Best Music, Original Song  for the wonderful, timeless piece “Moon River”. I have had somewhat of a musical crush on this song for months now, so hearing it not only throughout the film, but also sung by Audrey herself at one of the film’s signature scenes, only added too my attraction to the film.


(Spoiler Alert! Even thought it’s obvious how the movie ends from the first 5 minutes of the film:))

One thing I was pleasantly surprised with was the closing scene.  When it comes to kissing in the rain, movies like Spider-man and The Notebook are usually the first to be credited for giving the kissing-in-the-rain cliche it’s founding. But what happened to Breakfast at Tiffany’s?! Does no one want to talk about the wonderfully romantic kiss shared between George Peppard and Audrey Hepburn on the streets of New York City in the pouring-down rain? If the MTV Movie Awards existed in 1962, forget upside-down Spider-mans and bearded, bitter men with their women; on-screen Paul and Holly would have won the Best Kiss award hands-down! (Oh, and you can’t forget Cat, Holly’s furry friend that is cradled between the couple’s embrace.)

My suggestion for your next movie date night? Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Now can anyone tell me where to get a dress like the infamous black one Audrey is wearing in the opening scene?


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2 Comments on “Day 43: Watch Breakfast At Tiffany’s”

  1. Kitty Says:

    Hi Sarah! Becky gave me your blog- and I love reading about it! You kinda hooked me with your lobster fiasco, but I wanted to say I love Breakfast at Tiffany’s and have watched it so many times. I fall in love with Moon River every time she sings it, and I cry at the ending when she’s calling out “Cat! Cat!” and the kiss in the rain. It’s just a feel-good movie.

  2. […] It was to my pleasant surprise, then, that Audrey Hepburn herself, star of my latest classic pick, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, played the film’s main role. I also found out that my next 3 hours were to be filled with […]

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