Day 40: Dye Clothing

So I’m a magazine junkie and while reading an issue of Marie Claire (one of my favorites), I came across an article on dying clothing, shoes, etc. to update and freshen your wardrobe at a low cost. I immediately payed close attention because I don’t have a lot of money to buy clothes but I am obsessed with them, and I’m always trying to update my wardrobe.

The article profiled a few women who had dyed fashion pieces that they were no longer wearing/never wore due to the color, and gave the information of they dye and process used. There were some really awesome before and after pictures and I thought, “I should take the time to go through my clothes and see what I have that I could dye and re-invent. Well, I finally got around to it last week and picked an off-white, light-weight sweater. I had gotten this sweater in Italy in white and this off-white color, and have gotten a lot of use out of the white one in the year and a half since. Sadly, I have never worn the off-white one. In fact, it still had the tag on it! So I determined to dye it and wear it.


I chose to use Rit Dye for the job because it was one Marie Claire had suggested, has good reviews, and is easy to use. The hardest part of the process was picking the color. I am the worst when it comes to making small decisions like this. I can never decide what to order on a food menu, I always want the pair of shoes in both colors because I don’t want to have to choose, and  once I even spent 2 hours in the jewelry aisles at A.C. Moore trying to decide what beads and chains I wanted to use to make a necklace. How in the world was I going to pick a dye color for my clothes? I love blue clothing as it compliments my hair and eyes, but I also love pink and purple, and because summer was on the way I also had orange, red and yellow on my mind!  It drove me crazy but I decided to just settle on the blue- my go-to color when I can’t decide. I can never go wrong with blue, so blue it was (it then took me more time to decide which shade of blue- they had so many!).

I decided I would dye my sweater on the stove-top because I didn’t have a good bucket for it, and if I used the bathtub, I would have to use more water, which meant using my whole bottle of dye as opposed to just half of it (so I can have another dye-ing party!). I followed the instructions for the dye process that were on the Rit website except that I only used a little more than 2 gallons of water instead of 3 because that’s all my biggest pot could hold. I figured the only difference this would make would be a darker shade of color so that would be no problem.

I then had to stir the sweater in the water all around for 30 minutes. I got bored, so I brought my laptop over and while stirring with my left hand, face-booked with my right. This was not a good idea! I stopped paying much attention to my left, stirring, hand and ended up putting it too low and right into the water. The almost-boiling water. Yea, it hurt. Bad. I learned my lesson of why you should not multi-task when stirring  hot water. However, I still only stirred with one hand as my now-burned, left hand was soaking in a cup of cold water.

I washed and dried my sweater and voila! Below is the finished product. I definitely think I’ll be getting more use out of this sweater now! Thanks, Rit!


FYI: Rit Dye can be used for anything! Clothing, furniture, buttons, pillows, shoes, wood, even watercolor paper! Check out some of the awesome things you can do with Rit!

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