Day 38: Give Someone A Haircut

I honestly wasn’t sure that this particular activity would ever happen. I didn’t think anyone would be willing to let me cut their hair. Fortunately, I have some great male friends who don’t care if their haircut isn’t perfect. Or even decent.

My friend, Aaron, is a trooper. He is the guy who taught me how to drive stick and let me use his car. Well, anyways, he is now stepping up to the plate again and putting his life into my hands. Only this time I’ll be holding scissors instead of a steering wheel- I don’t know which one is worse. I’ve never cut anyone’s hair before, and have only ever cut like a tiny piece here or there of mine if it was driving me crazy. Other than that- no experience. Well, unless you count my dog. My mom tried shaving Ryleigh herself one time (we have to in the summer, long story) and she ended up looking like this. So I came in with some scissors and blended it out a little more. It didn’t look any better, but on the bright side, it didn’t look any worse either (not that it could’ve).

Now, Aaron has curly hair which is great. Curls hide mistakes. And since he isn’t going emo and straightening his hair any time soon, it will always be curly until it either grows out or he gets another hair cut- which I told him ahead of time might have to happen sooner than he thinks depending on what my cut job leaves him with.

Before he arrived I took a quick look at some youtube hair-cutting tutorials (which I don’t think were any help other than making me more nervous). Yes, I suddenly got super nervous. I mean, I was freaking out. I don’t know why! He’s a boy with short hair that will grow back in a month! But still. I think I was more nervous of how dumb I would look trying to figure out how to cut his hair and not what the finished product was. When Aaron got to my house he admitted that he was nervous about it too, which didn’t make me feel any better. Well, OK, it kind of did, because it meant that he knew not to expect anything great.

I clipped up the top of his hair and went to work on the sides. I realized pretty quickly that although curly hair is great to hide mistakes, it sucks to cut. I couldn’t quite tell what I had already cut and what I hadn’t and how much I had cut off of what I couldn’t tell I had already cut! I tried to keep some of these thoughts to myself and just kept cutting. I cut and cut and cut. It took me like 40 minutes! Haha! And when I thought I was done, I still wasn’t done!  I realized one side was a bit shorter, so I fixed that, and then I had Aaron look at it and upon his decision that the sides and back could be even shorter(he likes it longer on the top), I cut some more. In the end, it looked pretty good and I got approval from the man under the hair. Now, I know that in the ‘after’ picture it looks like the sides are sticking out, but that is just because of how the hair dried after I was pulling and clipping it all. And because it’s curly. OK, so maybe I could learn to cut curls a little better. Oh well.

Throughout the process, I certainly was not graceful. My scissors were too big so they prevented me from being able to hold the comb or anything else in my hand. And even when I tried to use the comb I felt like I was just trying too hard. It was easier to just scoop up sections with my hands. And that was a whole other thing. I kept cutting my hand with the scissors! His hair kept drying fast, and because it was curly, when I would pull it straight between my fingers, it would lay down on my hand. So in the process of trying to get to it, I ended up getting skin instead. I now have about 6 little cuts on my  fingers and knuckles.

I have to admit though, once I started and my nerves went away… I enjoyed it. I think I would like to practice cutting more hair just for the fun of it. Any takers?


after. this picture doesn't do the cut justice! i swear!

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One Comment on “Day 38: Give Someone A Haircut”

  1. Chelsea Knechel Says:

    You have such a way with words. I don’t know how you could come up with that much to say about cutting someones hair—but you make it interesting! Haha. Can’t wait for Sunday ;)

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