Day 37: Country Line Dancing!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “Line dancing, really? You?”

But, the truth is, I am a country girl at heart. I started realizing this towards the end of high school, and it has only been recently that I have entered full-force into the world of country. I LOVE country music and I love the country side and I love flannels and cowboy boots(and I love cowboys!). So I figured I might as well make this little country picture complete.  I’m not talking about living on a farm in the middle of no where (I’m not quite there yet). I’m talking about country line dancing.

You see it in so many movies.  Sarah Jessica Parker shared her dark secret with her on-screen husband, Hugh Grant, which led to a turning point in their relationship.  Sandra Bullock was brought back to her country roots and falling in love. All this magic happened while twirling and stepping to good ‘ol country songs. I don’t know what it is about country dancing that’s magical, but I know it’s there, and I wanted to find it. I also just love country music and love to dance. (Maybe the second reason is a more practical one to go country line dancing.)

My two friends, Rachel and Nate, are very much into the country scene and go line dancing quite a lot, so I called upon them to help me out with this one. Now, you’d think there would be tons of venues for us to choose from to go line dancing due to the extremely high demand for it, but unfortunately there isn’t. So we went to Pig Pen in Allentown where they have line dancing every Wednesday and Saturday nights, 7-11. They usually have lessons until about 8 and then the real dancing starts.

When I was getting ready, I was wishing I had a pair of real cowboy boots to put on. I quickly decided that if I kept up with learning line dancing, in a couple of months, when I am actually decent at it, I could buy myself a pair to celebrate. Now, the night of dancing being behind me, I’m thinking I might have to wait a couple of years for that celebratory pair of boots.

So when we got there, I was able to catch the last 2 lessons. I was hoping that these would help me out for the rest of the night, but I soon found out that there are a countless number of line dances and figured that those 2 simple, beginner ones would never be repeated in the same night. (And I’m only calling them simple, beginner dances because that’s what the MC was calling them. It took me the whole song to get them right!)

When the dancing began, Rachel started pointing out other people and couple that were regulars, ones that she saw often. It was like a sub-culture there. Everyone seemed to know who the others were and when the MC called out a dance before playing a song, they immediately knew what to expect.

I danced to 3 songs with Rachel and Nate. Rach would be dancing next to me calling out the steps as we were doing them to help teach and remind me of the steps. If you’re watching line dancing, the dances can seem to get a little long, however if you’re learning them it’s a different story! I would just be catching onto the whole dance when the song ended! I was wishing they lasted a little longer for the beginners’ sake.

Rachel and Nate danced to a couple that were way too fast or involved for me and even danced some couple dances. This was a totally different thing than what I was expecting. All the single dancers were in the middle in make-shift lines, and then the couples would dance around them in a big circle. It was so fascinating to watch them dance. No, it was magical. The moves look so simple and are in fact, steps, but when they are put together it becomes a fluid motion, and the better you are at it, the more you can do improv and twirl in between steps.

My time away from the dance floor, safe on my stool, came to an end and I found myself being led out to the floor by Nate for a couples dance. Now this, I thought, was going to be interesting. Nate told me just to watch the couple in front of us and that it was easy enough to catch on to. Well, I’ll agree that it could’ve been and probably was an easy dance to catch on to, but thanks to the couple in front of us who decided that this was the dance for which they were going to pull out all their fancy improv swirls and twirls, I ended up only getting half of it right! Poor Nate had to try to do his own improv when I wasn’t doing my part of the dance right.

Rachel and Nate, and the many other men and women there, made it look so easy and fun you couldn’t help but want to become an expert at it. There were a few characters there and they made it even more fun to watch rather than dance. The woman wearing the leopard outift with the frizzed-out hair, for one. She never ran out of energy and reminded me of someone from The Wiggles TV show. Then there was the couple that was so much better than everyone there and knew it. If the girl caught you staring at them, she just smirked and soaked up the attention. She acted to smug and cocky, I just wanted to go over and tell her that her shoes were ugly (which they were).

At the end of the night I came home with a mission: to learn the Tush Push. Yes, that is actually a song, and yes it is as amazing as it sounds. Youtube tutorial, here I come.




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