Day 35: Make A Hand-Print Mosaic Stone For Mom

I was supposed to weave a basket today, but that crashed and burned. So there I was, walking down the wood aisle at Jo-Ann Fabrics when I saw it: a whole wall covered in mosaic garden stone kits (this is the one I used). Now, to the normal Jo-Ann walkers, these kits might not be much to the eye, and in fact I’m pretty sure I passed them once or twice before I really saw them.

One in particular caught my eye: a baby’s hand-print stone. You know how for some strange reason molding the shape of your baby’s hand has become a big trend for moms? Well this was one of those DIY (Do It Yourself) keepsake kits. I wouldn’t have thought much about it, seeing as how I’m not a mom, except that my own mom has recently become a grandmother and if anyone is obsessed with another human being, it is my mom. She probably would have framed Jake’s (my nephew) first used diaper if we had let her. I immediately knew what I was going to do. I’ve never made a mosaic out of stones before. I’ve never made a garden stepping stone before. And, I’ve never captured a baby’s hand print in wet cement before. Not only was this a wonderful new thing to do, but it would also serve as a great grandma gift with Jake’s hand print and the oh-so-cute phrase “I love my grandma”. My mom enjoys gardening and would love to put this stone in one as a reminder of her favorite person in the world (that would be Jake, not my dad :).

I called up Deb to tell her her son was going to be playing an important role in my life today. The news I got was NOT good. He was unavailable for the job. I quickly started making a mental list of all the other 10 month-old babies I knew whose hand-print I could confiscate. My mom would never know the difference. But then I had a vision. Jake, 9 years old, crying his eyes out when the secret is revealed: it is not his hand-print that has been adorning his grandma’s garden for 9 years. I just couldn’t do that to the poor kid (or to grandma, who I could also see crying her eyes out would the secret be leaked). I realized then that the hand-print in the stone would have to come from me.

When I got home and explained my craft to my mom, we were both hit with a pleasant realization: this would be the first hand-print my mom would have of me. Suddenly I didn’t feel so bad about swapping in my hand print. (Well, to be honest, I was actually feeling like a reject, knowing that I was probably the only baby in 1988 whose mom didn’t care to have a hand-print of her little girl. Not so special, huh? But I pushed this thought out of my mind. Love you mom!)

It took me forever to place the stones into a design I liked. I don’t know why I was so picky, but I figured if this thing was going to be showcased for the next 5 years, it better be a looker.

Mixing the stone cement stuff came next. What a workout!! I hope I didn’t add too much water (I added a whole cup more than instructed!), but the directions said you wanted brownie-batter consistency.  Believe me, I know what perfect brownie batter looks like (and tastes like!) and that extra cup was needed. My arms would have fallen off while mixing it if it was any thicker.

Once the cement was poured into the mold, I transferred my design (and ended up having to change it a bit last minute. uh-oh) and pressed my hand-print into the middle. I think it turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.

I am now waiting a half hour for it to dry enough to add my initials, but I’m considering writing “He saved the best for last” in my hand-print. I think God knew what He was doing when He gave me to my parents as the last daughter.

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3 Comments on “Day 35: Make A Hand-Print Mosaic Stone For Mom”

  1. What a wonderful present! Your nephew will be able to measure his hand print to yours as he is growing up. Fun,fun,fun.

    • Sarah Sullivan Says:

      I would never have thought of that, Kris. Great point! and I think I might still do the nephew-grandma present come mother’s day:)

  2. Susanna Says:

    Sarah, that looks awesome and so much fun!

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