Day 34: Bake Cookies For/Meet The Neighbors

I have never met new neighbors. At least not in the cliché way of taking over food and introducing myself that seems to supposedly be an american tradition. So I decided I’d take the leap. (Although, I never want to be like the neighbors on Cheaper by the Dozen, dressing in my Sunday best and traipsing over to the neighbors on moving day! That is just both inconvenient and awkward.)

Anyways, some time ago a new couple moved into the house behind us, and although my mom has gotten to know them, I had never met or seen them. So today I decided to bake some cookies, shake off my “who cares about knowing the people in my neighborhood”  attitude and go over and introduce myself.

This turned out to be a brilliant plan because a) I was craving cookie dough and now had an excuse to make some, and b) my sisters were craving coo- wait. No, b) is that I get to meet my new neighbors. Right. Got to stay focused, Sarah.

I figured it would be awkward asking the neighbors to get a picture for the internet. So this is what you get.

I figured it would be awkward asking the neighbors to get a picture for the internet. So this is what you get.

But seriously, I want to reach out to and start building a relationship with those around me. So I made some delicious chocolate-chocolate chip cookies (too bad I had to give most of them away:), put on my rain boots, and braved the swamp that was once our backyard. I walked up to the neighbor’s house and rang the bell.

The Mr. answered the door and I told him my name and who I was and that I wanted to come meet them… blah blah blah. He then called for his wife and I repeated the schpeel. They introduced themselves as Matt and Carol and I thought that would kind of be the end of it, but to my pleasant surprise, they then invited me in!

I walked inside and shortly met and became good friends with their two dogs. Matt and Carol and I began talking about what I was doing these days and how my family was and they showed me a little bit of what they were doing with the house. They were a really nice couple. Somewhere in the conversation they mentioned how it was nice to put a face to a name (meaning my face to my name) after 2 years. Two years?? My mind was reeling. It certainly was a good thing I didn’t use the phrase “I wanted to meet my new neighbors” earlier (at least I don’t think I used it!) because although they might have been new to me, they were certainly NOT new to the neighborhood or my mom. Wow, time flies by!

This thought also sobered me. Here these wonderful, gracious people have lived next door for 2 years and I didn’t even know who they were, let alone their names and faces. It brought me to the stark realization that I don’t give enough of my time and energy to the community around me- those who live as strangers to me right under my nose.

After a few minutes of visiting, I walked back home with a feeling of accomplishment and one thought on my mind: “Louis, I think this the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” (Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca)

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