Day 33: Go On A Blind Date!

“I had what I’m sure was the worst blind date in the history of the world last night!”  -That’s what I thought I was going to be saying to you. I can’t say that I was super excited about a blind date. I mean, who really is? Let’s be honest, it has the potential to be an awkward situation. It doesn’t help that you see all the failed blind date experiences in the movies (I keep thinking of Ginnifer Goodwin’s mediocre blind date in He’s Just Not That Into You). Granted, they’re not real, but how many people do you know that have been on successful blind dates? Exactly.

I will say that, even though I wasn’t super excited, I was still looking forward to the experience and knew that I could have fun with almost anybody. And I did. I had a really great time on my blind date last night. For privacy purposes, I’ll use the pseudo name “Guy” for my date.

My sister, Beck, has a friend, Eddie, who told me he knew some great guys and had one in mind that he thought would be a good choice. Before I knew it, I was on my way to Langhorne, PA for a blind date with Guy.

I feel hesitant using the term “blind date”. I’m waiting for someone from the AAPD to come after me for using “blind” in a way that they deem is inappropriate, seeing as how I’m not visually impaired (I’m surprised they haven’t ever addressed this issue before with everything having to be ‘politically correct’ these days). But, I guess you could say I was visually and knowledgably- impaired (is that even a word?) when it came to my date last night, as I had never seen or even knew anything about Guy prior to the evening.

Because I am writing this blog and am single, I figured a blind date was a great idea because it would serve two purposes: I could write about it for my blog, a blind date being a first for me, but I would also be meeting a christian guy.

When I first met Guy, I thought he seemed very fun and outgoing and I knew we would have a good time. We went to dinner at an Italian place (you can’t go wrong with Italian food) and then stopped at a bar for drinks and a game of shuffleboard (which was also a first for me!). Fortunately, I was right in my assumption of Guy. He was outgoing and that made for a great, relaxing night.

I came to the conclusion that you can guarantee yourself a fun blind date if you follow these three steps:

Be open, fun, and personal in conversation- If you only talk about the safe, surface subjects (i.e. work, education, family, hobbies) you will soon find yourself out of conversation and not really knowing who your date is. Be willing to talk about your past, your friends, your dreams, funny experiences, sad experiences, trips taken, opinions on controversial issues, etc. Mix it up! Talk about anything that comes to mind.  Last Night’s Example- After asking the right questions, I found out Guy’s ideal-but-probably-won’t-happen dream is to live in a hippie community out west (like in Into the Wild).

Be spontaneous in your activity- You need to break away from the box. Suggest a fun activity, do something you might not feel comfortable doing, or tread unknown waters. Last Night’s Example- After dinner, when decided where to go for drinks, I suggested going to the first place that came up on the GPS, and even if it was an awful dump, we had to stay for at least 20 minutes. This ended up being Curly’s Pub. HAHA! It was kind of a redneck, Irish bar. But on the bright side, I got cheap St. Patrick’s Day necklace from a girl, and Guy and I played a game of shuffleboard while there! (How many bars do you find that have shuffleboard? It was a true gem, Curly’s Pub.) Spontaneity like this will create fun, if not awkward, memories.

Also, I guess this is an obvious one, but don’t have expectations.  If you expect a lousy date, you will probably have one. If you expect a perfect date, you probably won’t have one. Expectations make for a lose-lose situation.

I had a fun time with Guy, and it was great getting to know him. Blind dates definitely are not as scary as I thought.

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One Comment on “Day 33: Go On A Blind Date!”

  1. Susanna Says:

    Can’t wait to unpack this further :)

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