Day 29: Write A Letter To The Editor

Now that we are no longer in February, I just realized that I can’t rely on the date to tell me what day # my post is. I always knew that if it was Febraury nth, my blog day # would be n. You might think it is silly, that I would forget what day I’m on. I think If I was just doing 30 days, I would be sort of counting down the days and always remember, but since I’m doing 181 days, I don’t care to remember what day it is. To me, it is seems like it will just be going on forever, so each day is just the next day. Unfortunately, I will now have to look back at my previous post to figure out what number day I’m on.  (And yes, I am a typical American- complaining about having to make my fingers press an extra 2 buttons on my laptop and wasting that precious 20 seconds :D ).

But enough of that. Now, to the purpose of the day. I like to read- books, articles, magazines.  I also, as you know, like to write. And because I like to do the former, I have a lot of opinions and feelings, which is why I think I like to do the latter. For these reasons, you would think that at some point or another I would have subjected an editor to a piece of my mind, in a though-out and well-written piece of literature, of course. So why am I just doing this now, for the first time? It is beyond me. Well…OK, I’ll admit it might have something to do with the fact that every time I see a ‘Letter to the Editor’ section or page, I always skip it, thinking what pathetic people those letters’ authors must be if they wasted the time and energy (and even had the time and energy!) to write to a name printed in ink, in what is usually an un-effective letter about something that is most-likely insignificant. OK, yes, this is most definitely the reason why I’ve never written one. If you have written one, I of course was not talking about you, I was talking about all those other writers. ;)

Well, I guess today I’ve officially become one of those pathetic people, because I wrote a letter to the editor of my local newspaper. At first I thought it might be exciting. I figured if I was going to do it, I might as well make it worth my time. I was prepared to pick out an article and rip it to shreds in a letter to the man (or woman) responsible for letting it loose. Then I ran into a speed bump. I couldn’t find any article that I felt I had a strong opposition to. Or at least an opposition that was worth mentioning to my dad, let alone writing a letter to the editor. So I decided that, instead of writing in response to an article, I would write my opinion about something that they don’t address and should, whether good or bad.

This ended up being a little easier as, during my previous search, my eye kept going to the family section articles. When I think of the word ‘family’, I think of the phrase “married with children”.  Children are a part of the family, but before children, you traditionally have a marriage. The marriage between two parents is what serves as the foundation to the family that is to come. Heck, even two people, married, make a family. So why, when I was looking over these newspaper sections, was I not seeing articles on marriage- tips and advice on building a good one, ideas for keeping it real, building that good family foundation? These weren’t the kinds of articles I found in this section. In fact, I even found an article under the “Spotlight on Dad” section that was titled, “Divorce advice for men”! It was highlighting a book written by man about the mistakes men make when facing divorce and how to avoid/correct them.

I had found my letter topic.

Dear Editor,

Your newspaper sucks when it comes to helping America build strong marriages and encourage those struggling. And you wonder why divorce rates are so high. Is there no hope?

Your loyal reader,


OK, so that is not what I wrote. I wasn’t about to use such a cheesy closing, geez!

But seriously, my letter was less in-your-face meanness and more concern about the content of the paper with hope that something could and should be done about it. However, the gist was pretty much the same as the ‘letter’ above.

You might not agree with my views on this subject, or the thoughts I have about what to write my letter about (and I’m not asking you to agree, I’m just documenting my experience), but if you take away anything from this blog experience, let it be this:

I take back what I said earlier. I am not pathetic.



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