Day 23: Change A Car Tire

My favorite part was using the power tool(s) :)

Monday night, coming home from my sister’s house, I unfortunately had some bad luck. I was on a narrow, crappy road and got half-run off of it by an SUV.  Because the Bethlehem  township doesn’t seem to feel the need to take care of their roads, I drove right over (and into) a minefield of pot holes and crumbling asphalt. If you haven’t figured out where this is going by the title and lead-in, then I’ll spell it out for you. I got a flat tire. And not just any flat tire- a destroyed flat tire. So today I had to go to the shop to buy a new tire and have it put on. My family takes our cars to Pleasant Valley Auto Care, where the owner, Chris Lerch, does an excellent job with them. I talked to Chris and he was willing to show me how to change the tire and assist me in doing it. This turned out to be a great way to learn how to change a tire. Chris even let me help him with the process of removing the old tire from the rim and putting the new one on. He was very informative not only about how things had to be done, but also why they were done that way. I learned so much more than I ever would have had I just done the job with a friend.

Now, I’ll just say up front that any term(s) or name of a mechanical or automotive part I use in this post could be and most likely will be wrong. I don’t know anything about anything relating to cars. But I do know how to pump my own gas, thank you very much, Jersey drivers! So before we were able to change the spare tire, we had to remove the old tire from the rim and put the new tire on. This first required taking off the little weights on the rim. This was easy, until I got to the two bigger ones. I just couldn’t get them off and didn’t want to strip them anymore so I had Chris do it, and sure enough, he pulled them off in a second, like a pro. We then went on to this weird machine where you removed the tire from the rim. I honestly can’t even explain to you how it all worked. All I know is that the machine looked crazy, and you had this metal thing that clamped onto the rim and pulled a section of tire out from it, which you then used as a starting point to pull the rest off (the machine actually did it as it spun around while I held a metal stick thing in it to keep it coming off). Yes, I know- confusing. But it was really interesting to see how this was done. I’ll admit I was kind of nervous the entire time working with all of Chris’ equipment. With all the failures I’ve had in starting new things for this blog, I thought for sure with my luck something would break. Or a metal piece would go flying off and hit a shelf, knocking down all it’s contents. Or worse, that it would hit some sort of gas or oil and cause a spill, leading to the whole garage going up in flames. I guess the fact that I’m sitting here writing this post tells you that I’m alive and that that didn’t happen.

After we got the old tire off the rim, Chris mostly took over putting the new one on. After all, we didn’t want anything going wrong with this new tire, and apparently it had to be put on so particularly, so his experience was required. Next we took it over to another machine-thing where it spun the tire really fast and showed the imbalance of weight on it. It told you exactly how much weight and where the weights should go on the rim (these were the things I had to take off of the old one in the beginning). The tire spun again, making sure all was corrected, and then it started spinning so fast that it spun off the machine and straight through the window, sending sharp pieces of glass everywhere! Ok, that didn’t really happen. But again, that’s what I was waiting for.

Finally, it was time to actually change the spare and put the new one on. This was my favorite part, as I got to use a power tool! I felt very dangerous. And powerful. I loved it. The bolts (lug nuts?) didn’t have a chance with this thing, it spun them off so clean and fast, like magic. I want one of these tools, even though I have no actual use for it. It was just really cool. I took the spare off, put the new tire on, and again, using the magic tool, secured the bolts back on. Chris double checked my work and the tightness of the bolts and that was that. I had changed a tire! And it was easy!! So easy, I thought to myself, that I should take this show on the road- create my own tire-changing service and become a millionaire. Then I could buy a countless supply of the magic tools!

Thanks to Chris, I’m ready to take on any pot holes. Bring it on, Bethlehem. Your lack of road maintenance is no match for me.

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