Day 22: Watch The Godfather

Wow. I don’t even know where to begin. I just finished watching 3 hours of legendary cinematography, and have so much going on in my mind concerning it. The Godfather, which made its debut in 1972, was nominated for 11 academy awards (Oscars), and brought home 3 of those, one being Best Picture. To put it into perspective, some more-modern films that have had similar success would be Saving Private Ryan– nominated for 11, winning 5; and The Aviator– also nominated for 11 and winning 5. Titanic, although it won many more Oscars, was only nominated for 3 more than The Godfather, and is one of the two films that have been nominated for the most Oscars in the history of the Academy Awards.  And coming into the present, last year’s The King’s Speech has 12 nominations for the upcoming 83rd Annual Academy Awards. So, as you can see, The Godfather has earned its place as motion picture royalty. You can also see why I was anxious to watch it.

I think one of the two reasons I hadn’t previously watched this movie was that I didn’t want to be let down. I had heard great, great things about it and like Casablanca, my previous movie classic pick, it seems to always be referenced. I didn’t want to finally sit down and watch the movie only to get up disappointed. So I just pushed the movie out of mind. The second reason is kind of conflicting with the first in that I got the impression that The Godfather was awful. For one of my Italian classes I had to watch this Italian movie, La Gomorra. The Gomorra is like the mob, but in Italy. It’s less heard of in America, but equally powerful and disturbing in Italy. The movie about the Gomorra, La Gomorra, was equally disturbing and sucked. It was just random killing and I couldn’t keep the people straight and their semed to be no plot whatsoever (I do not suggest you watch this movie because it is both awful in plot and content). My professor told us that this was the Italian version of The Godfather, which caused me to give it a bad review before even seeing it.

I was thinking I would be changing a tire today, but plans changed and that will be coming tomorrow, so tonight I gave my attention to Marlon Brando and Al Pacino in their roles as The Godfather. And I will tell you, I found this rather easy to do.

First off, I’ll have you know that I had to watch this movie on a VHS, not the greatest for picture quality. If you’ve forgotten what a VHS is or have never heard of it before allow me to refresh your memory. VHS stands for Video Home System and a VHS it is a box-like object that has two circular reels inside of it that the movie film is wound on. And you most likely will end up having to rewind the film on these reels before you watch it because the idiot who rented it from the library before you didn’t get the memo to “be kind and rewind”. Now then, back to the movie. It went rather quickly for 3 hours. This might have something to do with the fact that you have to watch it intently to stay on top of the plot line. I was introduced to the Godfather within the first two minutes of the movie and was immediately annoyed with his soft, raspy voice. I found myself wondering if the make-up artists put stuff in his mouth to make his jaw wide like that or if that was his natural bone structure, and if this had anything to do with his voice. Despite this undesirable characteristic, I found myself liking him. He was like a grandpa that, instead of carrying Werther’s Originals in his pocket and giving out$5 dollar bills, packed on hand guns and dished out vengeance and justice on your enemies. Yes, I could get used to have a grandpa like this. And so I decided to like the Godfather. The next 2 and a half hours was a mixture of men shooting people and men discussing in “family” meetings how they were going to shoot people. However, being a very crime and violence-oriented movie, The Godfather surprisingly also held family and love themes throughout. Obviously, these were placed in the plot so that the men shooting people had more meaning and emotion to the viewer. Well, the obvious worked, because I just about cried when the one happy couple I loved was destroyed before my eyes by an exploding car that killed the innocent woman! And I had just started to remember her name! Tragic. And now, I must give a thumbs up, five stars, a round of applause, props, kudos, and anything else acknowledging a good performance, to the marvelous Al Pacino. What an actor, what a hunk. He truly made the movie so great, showing the true sacrifices and hardships these men went through in the film.

The movie, overall, was one that I really enjoyed. Yes, it was long and at sometimes slow moving or hard to follow. But for the most part, you got the gist, and in the end it was worth your while. Go out and watch it. But just know that if you rent from your local library you might have to sign up on a waiting list if you want to take this movie out on DVD. I found this out the hard way, and trust me, you’ll want to take it out on DVD.

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