Day 21: Give A Baby A Bath

Ready for our bath!

Tonight I gave my baby nephew a bath. I think it’s kind of crazy that in my 5 or so years of babysitting (part- or full-time) I have never given a baby a bath. My nephew, Jake, is 10 months old and I am obsessed with him! The feeling is mutual. I’m his favorite aunt and if I’m being honest, I would have to say he is obsessed with me also. I’ve watched my sister give him baths before and even played with him while he was in the bath, but I was never the one to take over. He is a very happy bath baby and always loves being in the water. His baths are always great. Tonight’s bath? Not so much.

I mean, we started out great. Deb was standing by directing me with how she usually does things and what works best with him, and for the first 10 minutes we played with all his toys. He got squirted by his turtle, his whale emerged from the water, called him Buddy and told him he hoped he’d find his dad (excerpt from Elf, watch it!), and his frog said ‘ribbit’  and  jumped on the top of his head. Through all of this, Jake was giggling and squeaking, thinking his Aunt Sarah was the coolest in the world (smart boy!). What more could a kid ask for?

HA! Apparently a lot more, because after those first ten minutes, bath time went downhill. Fast. I laid him down on his frog, body sponge to start shampooing his hair, and that’s when it started. He began to cry. And not just any cry- Jake cry. Jake has a way of shrieking when he cries. It is a very ear-piercing sound and beats any baby cry I’ve ever heard (and I’ve heard a lot). You know when you’re in a room that doesn’t have a lot of decorations on the wall and has a high ceiling, causing every noise to be magnified? Well that pretty much describes the scene of this crime, and trust me- you don’t want to know what a baby shriek sounds like magnified. He freaked out even more when I would rub his head and of course I thought the worse: Maybe he hit his head and now there’s internal damage! Deb, having said earlier that Jake was having an “It’s all about me” day, looked on in amusement, not worried at all that he was hurt, but knowing that she had a drama-queen disguised as her son. However, after about a minute of this constant screaming, even Deb was trying to calm him down, fed up with the noise and sadness it provoked. She said this was the first time he did this during bath time. Figures it would happen to me. I want you all to know that I am normally a pretty competent and able woman (especially when it comes to kids). I think this blog has put some jinx on me, because everything goes wrong! So this was how the next 5 minutes (and thankfully the last) of bath time went: me trying to wipe and scrub and clean between his little, chubby thigh rolls as fast as I could, and Jake screaming at the top of his lungs. The boy was finally squeaky clean and shining like a brand-new penny. I drained the tub, got him dried up and handed him over to his mother. Phew! Bath time was done! But then Deb told me that giving a baby a bath includes picking up all the bath toys and cleaning the space up after wards. Ok, fair enough. I squirted out all the little, brightly-colored, plastic animals and put them away, thankful that at least these creatures couldn’t scream at me.

Bath time is over and Jake isn't the only happy one about it.

And to top off the experience, I got a flat tire driving home. On the bright side, at least I can cross changing a flat tire off my list tomorrow.

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