Day 20: Learn And Play Risk

I know that this is the second day in a  row that I’m learning a new game, but when you’re at a house in New Hampshire during the winter time, your options are slim. So cut me a break:) Anyways, my dad has a game of Risk that is probably as old as he is, it looks like it came from the 1800’s, but for Christmas this year he bought himself a new game set. He loves the game, and tells me that when he was in college the guys would play it for nights on end (and some nights it was a continuation of the previous night’s game!). However, he hasn’t played it in years and I think some of the reason is because no one else in my family knows how to play. (Let’s be realistic, Risk isn’t the kind of game your 5 little girls are begging you to teach them when they have Beauty and the Beast and their dolls lying in the next room.) I decided that I would learn the game and put the new game set and my dad’s brain to use.

My dad took on the task of setting up the game and then explained the rules to Greg, my brother-in-law, and I. Both Greg and my dad had only ever played the old version of Risk many, many years ago, so they were refreshing their minds. It took my dad 20 minutes just to explain to us how to play the game! This might have something to do with all the questions I asked, but hey, I wanted to make sure that when I took over the world, no one went crying to my mom saying I cheated.

I started off the game, choosing the blue capital and troops. I secretly named my country Sarmegia (sar-may-ggya) , combining my first name and middle name’s nickname (confusing?). I knew these men wouldn’t be able to appreciate a female’s attachment to the little wooden blocks that had now become her own, so I decided to keep the name to myself. Within a half hour I found myself taking over cities and loving it. I was trying to get one more city so I could win an objective (get three objectives and keep your capital and you win the game) but I blinked and somehow lost 2 cities instead. Note to self: never blink again. For the next hour I was tense and my frustration was building as the game went up and down for both me and Greg. (My dad, unfortunately never had an up:). In what turned out to be the last half hour I found myself owner of the entire North American continent thus giving me an objective. Yes! The first objective won during the game and it was mine! Too bad I’m not a feminist or I would’ve had a 500-word essay written about a woman’s ability to succeed in the political and military world vs. that of a man’s, all based on this game of Risk. But I’m not one, so instead I’m writing this blog. And in it I will gladly mention that the game didn’t end in my favor. Greg came up fast, swooping up Europe and Australia, and taking 8 cities. He now had 3 objectives. Game Over.

On a positive note, I liked this game, was good at it and plan on playing it again. Something that I haven’t been able to say about most of the new things I’ve tried.

I took North America!

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