Day 19: Learn Texas Hold ‘Em

I love lying. There is something so thrilling about making people believe the untrue. Of course, I only enjoy it if it is harmless, a joke.  This might be the reason that I love card games that include betting, bluffing, and taking tricks or a pot. My family is a big game family and you can guarantee that we know every card game out there. In fact, many of my family members host or play in poker tournaments. I’ve always wanted to know how to play Texas Hold ‘Em, but have never learned, and long nights in New Hampshire are the perfect excuse to play a good game of cards. Tonight I was taught how to play and joined a game with three of my sisters, a brother-in-law, a friend, and my dad.

I found that at first I was completely lost when they explained the rules to me. I didn’t understand the difference between the different levels of bidding and raising. Eventually though, I caught on, and was soon ruling the table (ok, not really- but close!) I had one good hand and won a fairly large pot towards the beginning. This was great! I was awesome! Discovering what I thought was my new-found, hidden talent, I started testing my skill. I began to bluff….every round. Before I knew it, that fairly large pot I won had dwindled down to a mere couple of chips, and I realized too late that I was a crappy liar and the only hidden talent I had was my perfect yoga tree pose I did in the secrecy of my bedroom (See Day 13). In the next hand, I was out of the game. But this was not going to let this be my end! Being a wonderful persuader and knowing Greg had a soft spot for his youngest sister-in-law, I was able to “inherit” 100 in chips. Oh yea! I was back in the game! The next hand I was dealt a  pretty good hand and thought for sure this was my big break. Well, I was right. It was a break. It broke my bank and I found myself once again, out of the game. Crap. I’m now sitting at the table writing this blog watching everyone else around me pulling in the dough. I sure didn’t last long. But that’s OK for tonight’s game. If I had been really good, I would have been mad we weren’t playing for real money. I could sure use some.

Funny quote(s) pick of the night (out of the hundreds that come out during our family gatherings):

“Call me the sweeper, cause I clean up. Chips that is.” -Deb, while taking the pot.

“And she doesn’t mean Doritos!” -Bec

Yea, I know...blurry.

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