Day 18: Wax My Arms

She looks a little too excited to inflict pain on me.

“Beauty is pain.” I would say this statement is very true. Women take all sorts of measures to make themselves more attractive to those around them or to themselves. Some include pain. Applying make-up? No. Removing all the hair from your arms with hot wax? Yes. Now, before today, I’ve only waxed my upper lip and eyebrows. These areas are small, but I can assure you, still painful. I never waxed my arms for the sole purpose that my arm hair is very fine and light and you can’t really see it. Two of my sisters, Deb and Bec, are waxing queens and have been waxing their arms for years. I had always watched the process or, if in another room, heard it, but never cared to try it. Today, however, I figured, why not?

I wasn’t really worried about it, Deb said it didn’t really hurt, until about 5 minutes before we were going to do it.  All of the sudden I found myself freaking out about the pain, my lip and eyebrows remembering the sting. Bec and Deb were drinking red wine, and even though I don’t like red, I had a glass, hoping to relax myself for the process. They tore there own strips from fabric instead of using the ones that came with the wax. Apparently regular fabric pulls the wax off more easily. I guess this made sense, but all I was really thinking about was how in 5 minutes my arms would be getting ripped by the seams like that fabric. Except the fabric had one up on me: it couldn’t feel pain. They then heated up the wax and were about to start putting it on my arm when Deb mentioned it looked too hot and dipped her fingertip in, quickly pulling it out and wiping it off, exclaiming in pain that it was way too hot. ‘Phew’ I thought. I narrowly escaped having boils on my arm and I was now wondering if I was willing to trust these two crazies. I decided It couldn’t hurt trusting them, but realized how literally untrue that statement was a few minutes later, when the first of the wax was applied and ripped off. It HUUURRRT! Ok, so maybe I was being dramatic. I mean, it wasn’t as bad as stabbing yourself with a fork, but it was definitely no paper cut. The worst part wasn’t even when the strips of cloth got ripped off your arm, bringing wax and hair with them; it was when the hot wax got spread on your arm in a thin layer, causing it to start to dry right away while the applicator was still spreading it around. This pulled your hair across with it! Why would anyone want to go through this process multiple times a year? Why would anyone want to go through this process at all?! It was not fun. After the first few strips, my arm became numb to the feeling and I started wishing I had never agreed to this.

And you want to know the worst part about all this? After getting both of my arms waxed and experiencing all the hair-ripping pain, I realized my earlier suspicions were only too true. My arm hair was too fine that most of it… was still on my arm.

Heh heh heh, payback time!

Don't let the smile fool you...

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2 Comments on “Day 18: Wax My Arms”

  1. Anne Stoltzfus Says:

    Just discovered your blog and love it! But would never wax my arms…

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