Day 17: Snow-Shoeing

This weekend I’m at my parents’ lake house in New Hampshire and the lake is frozen solid (as is natural for water in winter- in case you weren’t sure).  The weather is fairly warm and the sun is bright and shining, perfect weather for a walk outside across the lake. Unfortunately, I hate trudging through snow. Make me take a run on a trail, grass, or the road, but do not make me take even a walk through snow. It might be that I hate being cold, icy and wet, or just that I hate having to walk slowly, but for whatever reason I am not a snow walker. Today, however, I decided I’d try it Peter style- I’d walk across the top. Now, I didn’t know much about snow-shoeing previous to today except that you wear magic shoes that allow you to walk across the top of snow. That was enough for me- I was ready to go!

My parents have snow-shoes from L.L. Bean, and they aren’t what I thought they would be. Years ago, whenever I heard about snow-shoeing I always pictured something like these. Obviously, when my parents got theirs not too long ago, I realized there has been an upgrade in snow-shoes and they are quite different now. I also always thought that you has special boots that attached to flat bottom shoe thing, but I was wrong again. You can wear any boot with most snow-shoes as they just get buckled in with straps. And I didn’t realize that your heel wasn’t attached to the bottom, allowing you to walk naturally. This was going to be good. I put on my mom’s shoes (Thanks, Mom!) and was ready to create some magic. Only the magic didn’t happen. We started walking towards the lake, across the yard and down the bank and my feet were sinking! What was going on?! I felt like ‘David After Dentist’. “Why is this happening to me??” My disappointment was great, and I was no longer liking the prospect of walking across the lake if this was going to be like every other miserable walk through knee-high snow.

Once we got onto the lake, however, my luck changed and I was walking on the top. Well, actually it was the snow that had changed, becoming icier and more dense. I think I actually started enjoying it, minus the fact that the shoes were cutting into my shins and I had to make sure I kept my feet wide enough so as not to trip over the snow-shoe that was wider than my foot. We walked to the other side of the lake and met an ice-fisherman. He had about 6 holes drilled and had already caught a 3 lb. pickerel earlier today! I was hoping to become BFFs with him so I could ice fish tomorrow, but the rainy weather heading our way tomorrow wasn’t his thing. Then we headed towards the shore to walk through the woods to a log cabin that was recently built. The ice by the shore was melted in some areas exposing open water, so I let my dad go first in between the patchy spots:). Once off the lake, we were back to the sinking feet and made our way, slowly, through the woods. My dog was walking in my tracks behind me because the snow was coming up to her stomach. She ended up stepping on my snow-shoes almost tripping me. I knew what she was trying to get at, so I let her go in front of me and lead the way. My dad asked me which way I wanted to go back- across the lake again or along the logging trail to the road. I voted for the lake, and he said that was fine but it would just be a little difficult getting back through. I didn’t understand what he meant until we came to some brush and trees. Before I knew it, my dad’s snow-shoe got caught on a tree branch turning his foot. I watched as, in slow motion, he frantically grabbed at air before turning an astonished face towards me and collapsing into the snow bank. I busted out laughing for a minute before grabbing my camera and snapping a picture. (If only I had permission to put it up). Only then did I finally attempt to help him up. I pulled on his hand and nothing happened, he didn’t even budge. I tried it again and instead of helping him up, he helped me down. Now we were both in the snow struggling. We could’ve taken off our snow-shoes and gotten up a lot easier, but we took on the challenge of trying to reposition our shoes and pull ourselves onto our sides before we could get up. After that, the rest of the walk home was quite uneventful.

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