Day 13: Take A Yoga Class

You know all those pictures you see in the tabloids of celebrities in their dark shades, stylish work-out clothing, starbucks coffee and yoga mat? Well, you could say that I want to emulate this persona. And I must say that I had all the bases covered sans the yoga mat. That is, until, today. No longer was I going to stand in front of my mirror  in the privacy of my bedroom in the tree pose, analyzing my stance and working on my balance. (And yes, I do in fact do this. A lot. And no, I’m not weird.) I was ready to break away from poser status. (Haha, pun!)I was ready to start my journey to become a yoga guru. Today, I took my first yoga class. My first yoga anything, really.

Now, yoga has a very spiritual, religious origin. It originated in India and was used in religious practices mostly in association with Hinduism and Buddhism. The word ‘yoga’ itself has many proclaimed definitions such as  ‘to be united’, ‘to contemplate’ and ‘to control’. All that to say, I would not (and now I can say, I do not) use yoga in that context. I do not practice it with any goal of spiritual meditation. I view it as a way to release your body of stress, improve your breathing habits and posture, and to keep your muscles fit, using and moving them in new ways. And I was super excited to do all this releasing, breathing, posing and fitting!

Today, my mom and my sister, Beck, along with our two friends, Dana and Amy, ventured out in our best yoga get-up and, with our mats, headed to Lehigh Valley Yoga. They have a FREE community class every Sunday at 4pm entitled “Ashtanga Yoga”. It is an introduction to the original “power yoga”, and no previous yoga experience is required! If the ‘free’ part wasn’t enough to draw me in, the ‘no experience needed’ part sure was! Not that I didn’t have any previous experience. I mean, what do you call the perfect tree pose in my bedroom? I call it “born for yoga'”. And that’s just what I thought I was. That is, until today at approximately 4:02 p.m.

Our instructor, Willow (I can’t remember her real name, but I feel like Willow is a good yoga name and itreminds me of my favorite tree pose), was very nice and got us all set up with our mats and…well, that’s pretty much all you need to set up for yoga…so a minute later we were ready to yoga (yes, I just used ‘yoga’ as a verb, and no, I have no idea if that’s allowed in yoga world). Now, I don’t remember what most of the poses we did were called, but this could be due to the fact that I couldn’t always hear what Willow was saying because the guy next to me sounded like Darth Vader. Willow must have thought so too because when my mom later asked her about how we should be breathing, she actually said it can sound like Darth Vader! Why yes, Willow, yes it does.

So there I was, stuck between Darth Vader and my mom, who already being a yoga practitioner, thought it would be funny to glance around at my sister and I to see how we were making out with our new-found poses. I found myself bending in half and putting my head between my legs just in time to see my mom, upside down, looking back at me, laughter shaking her whole body. I was so close to keeping my own laughter contained, but the muffled snort/ laughter coming from my sister in the next row (caused by my mom) put me over the edge. My whole body started shaking, and balance lost, there went my pose. I quickly recovered and the rest of the class, thankfully, was laughter-free.

Now, I know most women hate being associated with most animals, especially dogs. But I found that my two favorite poses were the ‘upward dog’ and the ‘downward dog’. Suddenly, being associated with a dog became very freeing. (Men, take note: associating women with dogs is only appropriate in yoga world.) Some of the poses were a bit challenging on my flexibility but let me tell you, by the end of that class I felt like I was an elastic, stress-free, rubber band.

And today was only the beginning. I am even more excited about continuing yoga and Darth Vader better watch out cause Sarah Skywalker is about to bring it on!

Tomorrow, I’m going to sit in on a trial.

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3 Comments on “Day 13: Take A Yoga Class”

  1. Lynn Zeiner Says:

    I love yoga! Was the free class packed or did you have room! I might have to give it a try now that I dont have a gym membership.

  2. Lisa Hanner Says:

    So, I want to know why your Mom is not in any pics. Tell her if your Dad is willing to have his picture on your blog, she can too.

  3. […] the only hidden talent I had was my perfect yoga tree pose I did in the secrecy of my bedroom (See Day 13). In the next hand, I was out of the game. But this was not going to let this be my end! Being a […]

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