Day 12: Baking Bread From Scratch

Ok, so I know in my last post I said I was going to attend a catholic mass today, but 8am and Saturdays just don’t mix, and I forgot to put my alarm across the room (a rule if I have to be out of bed early for a specific something). So that didn’t happen. There was one later this afternoon, but my sister and brother-in-law were visiting and I wanted to maximize my time with them. Plan B: bake bread from scratch.  Which by the way, why do they call it ‘from scratch’? Anyone know the origin of that phrase? I hear it and always think of nails scratching the counter through a pile of flour haha. I don’t know why. Anyways, I have made different doughs before and have helped in some of the processes of making bread, but never made it from start to finish myself. So I picked out a recipe for healthy, whole-grain raisin and walnut bread rolls and got to work.

My mom gave me some dos and don’ts of working with yeast and I began. I am a decent baker and growing up I feel like I was always baking so in my head I’ve always thought I was a pro. But, then I start to bake and my bubble is burst. It never fails to happen. Today it

It's not the kneading he loves, it's his Aunt Sarah

happened when I started to pour the cold milk mixture into the bowl with the dry ingredients and yeast (cold liquid and yeast is a NO, I’ve learned).  Luckily, it was just a tad and most of the yeast creatures were untouched and would thus survive the cold avalanche that intruded into their bed of warmth. I finished making the dough and then came the kneading. I like kneading. I can do kneading. And apparently my nephew, Jacob likes it too. He just happily sat on the counter with Grandma and smiled and drooled as I kneaded the dough. To clarify- Grandma wasn’t actually on the counter with Jake. Jake was on the counter and sitting with Grandma behind him.

After kneading came waiting. The bread had to rise for 2 hours! The recipe said to let it rise until it was double the size, so two hours later I checked it. It was huge! My sister exclaimed it was not double, but triple the original size! Thank you, Mrs. Obvious. My mom said that the next part was the fun part and her favorite: punching the dough. I was excited, until 1 punch later when she told me it was done. Wait, that was it? One punch? That was the fun part? I missed it! Oh well, I now had to shape the dough into different knots, twirls, braids and buns. But wait- CRAP! I forgot to put the raisins and walnuts in the mixture before the dough rose! This was turning out so well.

I tried my best to mix the raisins and walnuts into the dough and shape them into different, delicious-looking  shapes. I apparently failed at this, because once I let them rise again and coated them with butter, cinnamon and sugar, my brother-in-law, Jon, informed us all that “those look like big piles of crap!” Great.

But they didn’t taste like crap, and that’s all that matters. They actually turned out pretty good. They didn’t have as much flavor (as I’m sure they would have had I mixed the walnuts and raisins all throughout) but hey, you learn something every day, right? Next time, they’ll be better.

Tomorrow, I am taking a yoga class!

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One Comment on “Day 12: Baking Bread From Scratch”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    They LOOK yummy Sarah, and really warm bread/rolls taste good no matter what! :-) Good for you for doing it. One hint….you know when dough is “doubled” by lightly pressing two fingers into the dough. If the impression stays, it’s doubled!! :-)

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