Day 11: Get A Pedicure

If you don’t like feet, hearing about feet, seeing feet, or even thinking about feet, then don’t read this post. There, now you can’t say you didn’t have a fair warning.

You might think that, because I’m somewhat high-maintenance and a ‘girlie-girl’, I would have gotten a lot of manicures and pedicures in my life. Well, I haven’t. I have only gotten one manicure done and don’t care to do it much more, if ever. I always thought I could do just as a good a job as they could and my job is free. Well, I have never gotten a pedicure, but the reason behind that is far different. I am so insecure about my feet. It’s not that I don’t like feet in general, it’s that I actually am insecure about how mine look. It might sound weird, but I promise you, it’s not. Here’s the story: I used to love my feet. I thought I had the perfect toes and nail shape. People would even compliment that I had cute feet! (Yea, that’s kind of weird. But then again, I once complimented a friend on how her natural lip color was nice. But then again, I also felt like a freak after and felt the need to explain myself.) Anyways, my cute-feet days were over come high school. Enter field hockey and soccer. Yes, I loved the sports, but they didn’t love my feet. Along with the adrenaline, fit body, and team relationships came the foot-stomps and cleats that you didn’t realize were too small until your big toe nail gets ripped off. Well, it actually only got half ripped off- but I won’t go into the gruesome details of how I had to get the other half off. Let’s just skip the rest of that story and get to the point. By the time I was leaving high school, at least 6 of my 10 toe nails were mutilated. The past few years some have grown out, some haven’t, but my two big toe nails are still little stubs and look like two cyclops. Needless to say, my feet are an embarrassment to me now. Although I’ve met many other people with the same unfortunate burden (most due to sports), I still feel my feet are abnormal. It is for this reason alone that I have never gotten a pedicure before. I just hated the fact of someone picking my foot up out of the bin, gasping, and making a horrified face. Ok, ok, so they aren’t that bad, but because I love cute, brightly-painted, perfect toe nails in the spring and summer, my feet just seem to be the ugliest thing to me. I am a lover of shoes. And some of my favorite styles are peep-toes, and sandals. The exact styles that are my toes’ least favorite. So tonight, with the support and encouragement of my sister, I faced my fear.

I’ve heard for so long that the massages felt so good, and ‘who cares if you don’t have full nails to paint? Just go for the massage!’ So, I must admit I was really looking forward to this part. I am a sucker for massages of any kind. Actually, if you like giving massages, anytime you are with me, tell me, and I’ll gladly let you give me a hand massage, back massage, head massage, foot massage (sock on)… oh my goodness I’m getting so lethargic and relaxed just thinking about it! OK, back to the pedicure. I have been nervously awaiting this day and planned out my preparation to make it not so appalling. I shaved my legs this morning, did my own foot scrub (my sister, Deb, kept saying- that’s their job, but anything to make my feet more presentable), and have been applying lotion more than normal for the past few days. What can I say? I was nervous. This was a big night for my feet. They were making their salon debut and I wanted to make sure I wou- they wouldn’t get stage fright.

My nerves are racing.

We went to Le Nails in Allentown (The one in the South Mall- I wouldn’t really recommend it, apparently there are other ones that are much better. This according to Deb, the pedicure queen. She know where to go. Hit up the one in Hellertown next to Giant.) I heard the women there were kind of rude and had experienced it myself when I got my one and only manicure, but I am poor and had a $30 gift certificate compliments a previous employer, so Le Nails it was. Luckily, I got a really nice woman who, when I told her this was my first time, took extra care to tell me how things worked and make sure I was comfortable. I, of course, told her about five times that my nails were messed up from sports. It gave me a little peace of mind knowing she had time to prepare herself. As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about. She was just like, “Oh, ok” and started her work.  And, just like my sister said, I’m sure she’s seen worse.  I was still  insecure throughout the process, but I tried to let it go, and was able to relax for the most part. And the massage was wonderful. As was the scrub, the lotion, the oil, the everything!

After. I won't even show you the before, this is hard enough on me as it is.

However, there was one problem that my sister didn’t tell me about…wearing skinny jeans. Well, they aren’t really skinny jeans anymore, because they’re all stretched out from my forcing them to be pulled up over my knee. One mistake I will not be making again. And by ‘again’ I mean the next 500 times I get a pedicure, because YES, I am planning on getting plenty more! I am free from my cage! Like a bird spreading it’s wings for the first time, I feel like I can soar… right into a salon and into a pedicure chair!

I still don’t like my feet, probably never will. But, at least they’re squeaky clean, smooth, and polished! And who knows, maybe, just maybe, I can start a new trend with fake toe nails in the summer… Yea, probably not.

Tomorrow, I am going to attend a catholic mass.

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One Comment on “Day 11: Get A Pedicure”

  1. Geri Says:

    I love this! My feet are so ugly, they are nicknamed Fred Flintstone feet, but that has never stopped me from getting pedicures! Once you get one there is no turning back, as evidenced by your experience! Great story!

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