Day 10: Writing Letters To Servicemen

Today I found myself pondering this question: “What does it mean to ‘support the(our) troops?'” I always held to my answer that, yes, I support the troops, but then again, do I? I am not saying that supporting the troops means that you or I are supporting the war and all that the U.S. is fighting for. To be honest with you, I wouldn’t consider myself qualified to make the decision of whether or not I believe in this war because, and I admit to this with some shame, I don’t know much about the details of this war and why we are fighting. But putting the actual war aside, I want to see the men and women returning home safely without harm, and one way I can do that is by supporting them, as human beings, not as a part of the war. So this bring me back to my question of what I think it means to support them. I always thought I did. I never forwarded or copied those emails and Facebook statuses, I never spent time volunteering for a war-related effort or charity, I never sent any money in, I never had an “I support….” bumper sticker, I never- well, you get the picture. Now, I used to not think that these really made any difference, and I’m still not sure they all do, but I have come to a conclusion. I might not be able to support them financially, and I might not want to support them via internet stickers, however, I do want to support their mental, emotional, and spiritual state while they are overseas and adjusting back home after.

I have had and have many friends serving our country, and I have seen some lives changed in amazing ways. But I have also seen lives that have crumbled because of it. One in particular that was taken away, by choice, because of his mental and emotional state.   This is something that I am now realizing I can be a part in preventing. This is a way I can support our troops. I love to write. I can write. I can support, and ultimately love, our troops by writing letters. My mom gave me the idea to write letters for my blog, and at first I was like, “eh, it’s not that big a deal”. But now, I have considerably changed my outlook on it, and so today I took upon the task of composing a letter.

I googled information for writing letters to servicemen and mostly came up with organizations and websites where you can write letters and mail them to the organization, who in turn will send them out to soldiers. (There were some where you could get actual contact information for a particular soldier, but you had to make donations, and I hadn’t done any research on the website to know what I was really donating to). I chose A Million Thanks, one such organization, and began writing. I made copies of my letter so that they could send a few out.

I didn’t know exactly how to go about writing the letter. First, and most obvious I thanked them for what they are doing, but I wanted to offer so much more. I wanted to offer ultimate spiritual freedom and victory through Christ, but I didn’t want to give them sermon, something that they might have already been hearing or had already rejected. I opted for a lighter letter- telling them about myself, who I am and what I like to do. I also went on to tell them about my blog, and what I’ve been doing lately with my life. (Many organizations said that these are the kinds of things they actually enjoy reading about- things that take their minds away from what is around them). Throughout the letter I tried to make references to Christ and my beliefs with a stronger push at the end as a closing. I included my address and email in hopes that one of the men or women who receive my letters might write back (I’m also told they enjoy this, and do, in fact, write back).

This small act, which seemed insignificant to me at first, became an act of love through which I hope will show someone else God’s love. I am eager to continue writing these letters in the future, and I want to encourage you to do the same! If you end up writing some for an organization like A Million Thanks, let me know and we can send a bundle of letters together.

Tomorrow I am going to get a pedicure (and believe it or not, I’m nervous!).

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